The Process

Bathtub surface refinishing is a cost-effective way to revitalize and modernize not only a bathtub, but the character of the whole bathroom. Whether the purpose is to update the color or to cover up a worn and damaged exterior, refinishing a tub can be a longer-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing option than a plastic tub liner.

Most bathtub refinishing—also sometimes referred to as reglazing—happens on-site, so the technicians will likely be working inside the home. A qualified bathtub refinisher will have the proper equipment, including a portable ventilating system to ferry away paint fumes, on hand. Often an acid etcher is used to make the tub surface more porous, allowing the paint to adhere better. Then any damaged spots in the tub’s surface, such as cracks, nicks, or gouges, are filled with epoxy. Next, primer is applied, and the tub is then sprayed and coated with specially formulated paint mixture that will have a high-sheen appearance and durability.