Bathroom Flooring and Cabinetry | Best Pick Reports

Many Chicago-area homeowners own homes that are 20, 30, 40, or more years old.  In many cases, the original bathroom is still in place and functional.  However, styles and tastes in tile and fixtures have changed considerably over the years. Bathroom remodeling can improve not only bathroom appearance, but also bathroom functionality.

Expansion or modernization?  While the primary concern of many homeowners is to improve the appearance of the existing bathroom, others have larger plans. If the design change is radical, consider seeking the advice of a qualified architect.

What type of vanity, shower, and bathtub?  Many homeowners prefer custom-designed and manufactured options.  Others choose premanufactured, off-the-shelf alternatives.  In general, off-the-shelf options are more cost effective.  Additionally, a wide variety of material is used, including cultured marble, man-made solid surfaces, and natural solid surfaces, such as granite and tile.  While prices of natural solid surfaces vary widely, they are usually more expensive than man-made solid surfaces. It might also be useful to upgrade shower controls to current codes; the convenience and safety of the newer “anti-scald” type can be a huge motivator to go beyond a simple face lift.