Bathroom Flooring and Cabinetry | Best Pick Reports

The cabinetry in a bathroom is usually limited and as such forms a smaller element of the design. However, with the wide array of styles available now, even a small vanity cabinet can still have a dramatic effect on the room. Aside from choosing the look of the cabinets, there is also a choice between custom and stock cabinetry. Custom-made cabinets are the most expensive type, though partially custom options are available at a lower price point. Stock cabinetry is purchased off the shelf and is the least expensive option, with the compromise being a limited selection of sizes and styles. 

Floors in wet areas like bathrooms are usually hard surfaces, such as tile. However, well-sealed hardwood floors are popular as well. Be sure to consider how much daily use and moisture the floor will see to make the best decision on a material in terms of durability and wear. For bathrooms in particular, homeowners may want to install radiant underfloor heating to provide comfort in the colder months.