Kitchen Countertop Materials | Best Pick Reports

Popular countertop materials include granite, marble, and tile.  More contemporary materials include polished concrete and stainless steel.    

Granite.  Granite countertops come in many grades, thicknesses, colors, and, subsequently, many price ranges.  It is a popular option, since it combines practicality and durability with a stylish, attractive look.  

Quartz.  With its easy care and wide range of colors, quartz for countertops has gained in popularity over the years. Its nonporous surface makes it highly resistant to stains and scratches, and it does not require the annual sealing that natural stone does.

Solid surface.  Known by a variety of brand names, solid surface countertops offer an endless variety of colors and patterns in a synthetic, stain-resistant surface.  Solid surface countertops require no sealing, and seams from installation will be invisible. However, the material is highly vulnerable to damage from hot pans, burns, and harsh chemicals.