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"We are dedicated to our clients. At JJM, we feel that the most important thing we can do is to stand behind our work. The products we use are of the highest quality and in return last much longer. The old saying goes, 'You get what you pay for,' and we aim to give you the best."

Joe Memmel | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
JJM Home Improvements performs bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovations for residential customers. The company also performs interior and exterior improvements, including siding, roofing, gutters, windows, doors, decks, carports, sunrooms, additions, painting, ceramic tile, hardscapes, and concrete work.
The company offers a three-year warranty on all of its work.
Company History
JJM was founded in 1991 by Joseph J. Memmel Jr. The company's in-house staff performs the majority of the work.
Additional Information
The company offers Schrock and Decora cabinets; Marazzi, Interceramic, and American Olean ceramic tile; granite, Cambria, Silestone, and Caesarstone countertops; and many brands of hardwood flooring.
MHIC #41729
Areas Served
Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park

“It was a simple hand rail. It was great. I knew they had been around for a while through dealings with other people; they had a good reputation. I would grade them an A+ across the board. We had no issues. I would highly recommend them.”

“They were good. I liked everything in general. They were here on time. They were efficient, they were clean, and got the job done. They did a front porch repair. The overall grade they deserve is A+ across the board. I would highly recommend JJM Home Improvements.”

“We've had JJM Home Improvements several times. It's always been positive. There were no complaints. We would highly recommend them. We have recommended them to several other people.”

“We've had them several times, and they have always done a great job. I have nothing to compare them too. I had no complaints. I would recommend them.”

“They were responsive, and we liked Ray. Ray did the work on both our bathroom and our kitchen. I would give them an A+. Their quality of work and expertise were very good. I would recommend JJM Home Improvements.”

“I've used them three times; I like their quality workmanship. I would grade them an A. I would very likely recommend them.”

“I liked their professionalism. They were working on tile in my bathroom, and they had to take apart a whirlpool tub to get underneath it. You would not have known that anybody had been in my bathroom. It was perfect, and they cleaned up beautifully. I would grade JJM an A+ easily.”

“They were clean and neat, they were pleasant, and the result was excellent. They were responsive, and they listened. I would give them an A+. I would use them again.”

“They were great overall. They kept us informed and tried to find what we wanted. They were great. We put in recessed lights in the kitchen and tile on the kitchen walls. They get an A+.”

“I had a very positive experience with them. I liked that they had a dedicated person to work on our house and that it got done on time. I'd say they earned an A+. I'd recommend JJM.”

“They put a whole addition on for us. I liked their workers. They were very trustworthy. I would grade them an A+; no complaints. I would highly recommend them, and I do to anyone that looks at our building.”

“They were very particular in their work, and I mean that in a good way. The guy that did a lot of our work was a perfectionist and ultimately cared about the job that he did. They did roof work for us for a bay window that was added.”

“It was excellent work. There was some damage to the driveway by the guy that was delivering the shingles, but it was repaired to my satisfaction. They were repairing the roof.”

“They were on time and very professional. I would grade them an A+.”

“Everything was fine; they're a great company. I would grade them an A+.”

“They came when they said they were going to come. The timeframe was what they predicted, and the work was good. Anyone they had as subcontractors were good. We had a window that they took care of right away. I would grade them an A+. I would recommend them.”

“They were prompt, they cleaned up behind themselves, and they were courteous. They did a partial remodeling of the kitchen; it was a small job. I would grade them an A.”

“I have no complaints with JJM.”

“It took a long time for them to arrange to get my cabinets done. Everything else was done quickly, and the workmanship was great. They were timely, except for the cabinets, and it seemed like it took a long time to get it scheduled. I would grade them an A.”

“It was a very good experience. They kept us abreast on the work they were doing and stuff like that. They did an addition to the house. I would grade them an A.”

“They did what they said they were going to do and did a great job. They did roofing, garage doors, and front entry door work. I would grade them an A.”

“They've done work for us before, and right now, they're doing work for the church that we belong to. The biggest thing for me is that any time I wasn't completely happy with something they were doing or I wanted something changed, they were very happy to accommodate us. Since we'd used them before, we were just very happy with their work. They've done hardwood floors, built on an addition, remodeled the bathrooms, and removed a wall for us. We just had a total remodeling when they came in. What was really good was they came in and said that we had a weight-bearing wall that we needed to reinforce. Then, they went up in the attic to make sure that we wouldn't get a crack in the ceiling. We wouldn't have known about that. They could have bypassed that, and within a couple of years, we would have had a nice crack in the ceiling. Their suggestions and their input with what we wanted were very, very good. We never had to call them back for anything after they were done. I'd give them an A+.”

“They tried not to make a mess of the house, so they were thoughtful. We had a kitchen remodeled along with a front hall and powder room. They did a bathroom upstairs for us about 15 years ago, and they caught on—in my little corner here in the neighborhood, there must be three or four other people who have used them since. They're A+.”

“From top to bottom, from the estimate to the finish, it was just great work, and I've used them several times. They completely redid the bathroom because I had some water damage, and everything was great. I would give them an A+.”

“I liked the quality of their work and the timeliness.”

“They were always on time, they did a good job, the workmanship was great, and they always cleaned up after themselves. We did a kitchen renovation, and then we put hardwood flooring in another room. It still looks great today. If a friend or neighbor asked me about them, I would recommend them, and I'd definitely give them an A.”

“They were on time, pretty close to their quote, and pretty meticulous in the work. They did a nice job basically doing a little bit of renovation in the living room and then some painting in a couple of rooms. I chose them because a friend that had work done by them recommended them to me. They get an A.”

“They've done work for my company before. They built the whole addition to one of my daycare centers, and they did fine. They're very good. I've had my share of contractors throughout the years, and they were probably one of the easiest to work with. If you don't like anything, you just go to the owner, and he'll take care of it. I'd use them again. They're an A company.”

“They were good at what they did, and they were very nice. They were always on target, on time, and everything. They did kitchen remodeling for me—removed a wall, painted, and rebuilt trim—and their workmanship was good. I chose them because they came recommended to me by a neighbor. I'd give them an A.”

“The professionalism of the technicians who did the work, the project leader, the communication, and the quality workmanship were very satisfactory from start to finish. They did a bathroom remodel. They do a lot of work in this area, which is how I found them. Their work is prevalent, and it speaks for itself. I'd rate them as an A.”

“The people, the quality of work, and the quality of materials made it so I would use them again. They remodeled the bathroom—the walls and the floors; everything but the shower. I chose them because I found them in the Best Pick Reports. I haven't had to call them back because everything is good. I'd give them an A.”

“They have good communication, and they're showing progress every day. They're doing a kitchen remodel for me.”

“JJM did a bathroom renovation for us. They put in a shower stall with tiles, new tile flooring, and two new cabinets. They also installed new vanity lights and mirrors. Speaking with the owner was a very positive experience because there was no high pressure. The workers were very nice, and we also really liked the job supervisor because he was very responsive. They did a very good job. I'd give them an A+, and I've recommended them. We were very pleased with them.”

“I have nothing bad to say about JJM because they're an excellent contractor. When they leave, everything is clean, and if you have any suggestions, they run with them. They give you a three-year guarantee, and I've never had to call them back for anything. They've earned an A grade from me.”

“JJM remodeled one of our bathrooms, and they did an A+ job.”

“They arrived on time and did the work that needed to be done. The personnel were very professional and friendly. They did some painting, and they replaced some of the trim work around the garage door. They also installed a new walkway and steps. One of the reasons I decided to choose them was that they were local. I would give them an A+.”

“They were nice people, and they seemed honest. They replaced all my windows, and they fixed a gate for me, too, which was nice. I knew about JJM because my parents always used them. They're A+.”

“I guess I would give JJM Home Improvements an A rating.”

“JJM Home Improvements renovated a bathroom, and I definitely like the finished product. I would give them an A grade.”

“They completed the job on time, and they were very professional. They did a kitchen remodel, and I would rate it as an A.”

“I liked the quality of JJM Home Improvements' work.”

“I was satisfied with their work. They get an A.”

“JJM Home Improvements redid two bathrooms for me. They're friendly, they have good communication skills, and they do excellent work. We liked that they made all the arrangements for us. We picked everything out, and they showed up and did the work.”

“JJM Home Improvements redid our master bathroom, and they did a very nice job. They were on time and took their time, and they were neat and predictable. They were here when they said they would be here. We talked to the owner and got a really good feeling. They were great, and we would use them again. They get an A.”

“JJM Home Improvements put in a custom tile shower for me. They did good work, they were professional, and they got the job done on time. I'd give them an A.”

“I could not be happier. They did a wonderful job, and I would get them again. I have actually used them several times, and any time from now on that I have any work that needs to be done, they are the ones that I will get to do it. They actually did several projects. One, they built some custom shelving in my family room downstairs. In a second job, they took a spare bedroom and built some beautiful wall-to-wall shelving. Those two projects were different types of shelving because the original family room was display shelving, and the project in the other bedroom was storage. It's so beautiful. It's perfect. It was a wonderful experience. They also installed a custom sink downstairs and finished off my walkway that goes from my family room to the back bedroom. They finished all that off, so they actually did four projects. I would give them an A+.”

“Their work was excellent. They got it done within the time they said, and I'm very happy with it. I haven't had any issues with it since the work was done. They do sheetrock, and they put in windows and doors and things like that. I would recommend them to other people, and I have. I would say they are an A+.”

“They're very careful, very good, and very thorough. I had them do a number of jobs. They're very skilled. Last spring, I had them open up a wall to put in a closet. I would rate them an A and would highly recommend them—they're very competent.”

“They soundproofed us from the airport. They put insulation in the top and all new windows and everything, and then after they finished that, we went ahead and hired them for different services for the house—they put up a stone wall in the garden bed, there were numerous wiring jobs, and they came and fixed the roof when it was leaking on and off. Everything I've ever had to ask them to do, I was very pleased with how they did it. I feel like they're good, honest people. You can't really believe what some contractors say and the quality of the work, but I feel like it was all quality work with JJM. I'd rate them up there, really toward the top, because I was very pleased with everything and my husband is always pleased with everything. We really had no complaints. I'd give them an A+.”

“We had a leak in a kitchen window and had some difficulty figuring out what was wrong. They were able to figure out what was causing the leak and repair it. It seems to have been successful. We haven't had any problems since. I would rate them an A+. I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor.”

“I liked their ideas and how they worked with my ideas. They listened to thoughts I had. They were prompt in their work. They gave me a good price and stuck to it. They renovated a master bathroom. I haven't had any issues with the work since. I have already told someone about them—I told them that JJM did well, and I would highly recommend them. I would give them an A.”

“I think it was done well. It took a little longer than we thought. We had some problems we didn't foresee, so it took a little longer, but it was done well as far as the quality of the work. They did what they said they were going to do. We ran into a couple problems that weren't their fault. We had two bathrooms, and they made one bathroom smaller and one bathroom bigger. They added a standing shower in one that had nothing but just a toilet and a sink, and they put a smaller tub in the other one. Now we have a shower, toilet, and a sink in the bigger bathroom. I'd give them an A.”

“JJM Home Improvements did a complete remodel of a bathroom and did a beautiful, beautiful job. I've had another contractor since then, and they just paled in comparison to the way JJM operated. I regretted not going with them last time. They've definitely got a professional outfit running there. They were so responsive and good about every detail. They're an A+.”

“I liked that JJM communicated with me all along the way; I always knew what to expect. They gutted and rebuilt the entire bathroom. They were very accommodating and very nice, and they did a great job. I'd give them an A+.”

“I liked everything about the experience with JJM. They remodeled the entire kitchen. They did what they said they were going to do, and the crew that came out and the quality of the workmanship were excellent. I would rate them a triple A+.”

“They built a shower for me from scratch in a corner of a bathroom, with glass on two sides and tile. After that I had them tear out my bathroom vanity—it was really old and monstrously ugly. They put a new one in—beautiful mahogany, a granite top, and a sink to match. They have high standards. I continue to use them because I know their work is going to be perfect. JJM Home Improvements is an A+.”

“They completely remodeled my kitchen, a bathroom, and my upstairs. They’re just wonderful; we love JJM. Joe is very personable, and his guys are all really great. You get quality work. We’re just ecstatic with them. I’d give them an A+.”

“We’d recommend them any time. They did a bathroom remodel and built an addition. It’s been absolutely positive with these guys. We’ve dealt with JJM for a good 18 years. I would give them an A++.”

“We were very pleased. I think they were very nice people. We never had a problem with delays. They were on time and did the work promptly. We did the bathroom, and they added a screened-in porch. They would get an A.”

“They were fine. JJM did our kitchen and the bathroom. I haven't really had to call them back since that work was completed. They showed up on time, and they left on time. They cleaned up after themselves. They probably get an A. I would call them again without hesitation.”

“It went fine. They did a number of projects during a four-week time period—four or five weeks. The most major one was a complete master bath refurbish. They also did some work in my kitchen. They replaced all my countertops, did some painting, and installed some new light fixtures, so it was a lot of smaller odds and ends in addition to the major bathroom overhaul or rehab—whatever you want to call it. There was one worker, in particular, who did the majority of the work, and he was outstanding. His first name was Eric. Most days, he was here by himself and didn't have any other help. He was very meticulous. He cleaned up after himself; no mess was left at the end of each day. I was extremely happy with him. However, the other people whom I dealt with at JJM were very professional. I did not have any problems that I had to call them back in for after the work was finished. As a matter of fact, during the course of the work I actually had some additional things added to the contract that they did for me, such as having some additional ceilings repainted and that type of thing. So, overall, I had a very good experience with this company. Their estimate was right on target. We didn't owe them any more at the end of the work other than what we renegotiated—the additional work. I have referred them to other neighbors in the area, and if I had reason to use them again, I would. I would give them an A.”

“We've used JJM through the years. Everything's been fine. They've done bathroom remodeling for us. They've done other things as well. It's been a while. My impression of the company, overall, is very positive. They seem to be on top of things. They were prompt and professional and did a good job. At no point in time have we had to call them back to fix something. I would give them an A.”

“Everything is fine that they've done. Beyond the bathroom remodel, they've done the kitchen. They've done a lot of other things—a lot of work. They do a good job, and they're pretty dependable when they come. When they say they're going to come, they come. We've been dealing with them for several years. I haven't had to call them back at any point to get them to fix anything they didn't get right the first time. I would say they're an A. If I had any more work to be done, I would call them.”

“JJM did some work on my house. Everything went fine with them—no problems. It was a pretty good experience with these guys. I've had a couple of things done by them. I had my kitchen redone, and then, I had some more stuff done throughout the year. I haven't had to call the company back to fix anything. They were on time. They did what they were going to do in the time that they said they were going to accomplish it. I guess they would be an A. I didn't have any problems, and they were always available if I needed anything additional done or anything.”

“Last week, they did an addition on my house. I really liked the work they did. I like that they're conscientious. They go beyond the minimums. They do excellent, quality work. They listen to us. There's nothing I wish were different about them. I would give them an A.”

“Everything that they've done has gone excellent. Last year, they did some bathroom work for me. They were very careful about their work. I haven't had to call them back at all since the work was completed. There's no decisive way I feel they could improve. I would give them an A grade; they're excellent.”

“The work went well. This was an addition onto my house. I would say, mostly, just that they were honest. There were a couple of issues that came up along the way, and we were able to resolve them without any drama. They took responsibility for a couple of things that needed to be corrected without any hassle. In the end, there was pretty much nothing to complain about as far as these guys are concerned. I would give them an A.”

“Everything worked out pretty well for me—very good. They did a bathroom for me earlier in the month. They've actually done two bathrooms for me. The other thing I'd like to make note of is that this was my first experience with hiring a company to provide work. In the past, every few little things we had done were, like, family kind of things. So, this was my very first time of ever having done anything like this. I like the fact that they did what they said they were going to do, and they did it well. I haven't had any reason to call them back. As a matter of fact, as problems developed, I was there, and we worked them out. They were open and good about that. They can have an A.”

“They've always done great jobs for me. They're on time, and they get things done. Everything gets cleaned up. I go back to them, because I really think they do a good job. They've done remodeling jobs. The ones I remember recently were that they replaced the roof and some doors for me. Then, prior to that, they've done some kitchen work and have done one of my two bathrooms. I've never had to call them back at any point to finish a job they didn't get right the first time. They get an A+. I would use them again if I needed to do work in their field.”

“Everything went wonderfully. They were great. When they were there, they cleaned up after themselves every night. There was not an issue with having them in the house. I think they really did an awesome job. I would give them an A+. I would definitely use them again.”

“Everything they did went well. They were very good. Without a doubt, it was a positive experience across the board. They put on a new, two-car garage, aluminum siding, and new windows—everything around the house. All of this work has stood up well; I haven't had to call them back. They do good work. They clean up after themselves. They never leave things lying around; when they did the siding, nothing was left lying around from day to day. What was very good was that, if the supervisor wasn't happy with something, they redid it—whatever it was. Everything was done well without us even having to say anything. There were no problems at all. They get an excellent rating from me. They're an A.”

“They've done several jobs for us, and they were all good. The one they did in 2011 was work in the kitchen. They've done a lot of things. My opinion of the company, in general, is totally positive. I feel like they're very honest. They follow through on the job. They come out to work when they're supposed to come out to work. It's not that they start a job, and then, you don't see them for several days; we've had that experience with other people. They're just very, very reliable. I would give them an A+. We have recommended them to neighbors, and they've gotten work from several of our neighbors also.”

“With JJM Home Improvement, everything went excellent. We're very, very happy with them. This was an addition onto my house. They did an excellent, professional job in a very timely manner. From the beginning to the end, they told me what to expect, and it was done professionally. The people they sent out to do the work were professionals, and it doesn't get any better than that as far as I'm concerned. I would recommend them to anyone. They're A+—no doubt about it.”

“I thought they were delightful people. They did a nice job, and everyone was just so nice to deal with. They did a bathroom for me. I did have to call them back last week, and I'm waiting to hear. It's just a small thing—no big deal. No one is excellent in this world, but yet, I feel they're better. I'll give them an A+.”

“I was very pleased. I have an old house and an old kitchen, but I didn't want it gutted; I wanted to use my old cabinets, so they didn't do anything with those. They had to install a new floor, they installed a new pantry, and they painted. The man who did most of my work—his name was Kenny, I think—went out of his way to be helpful with the house color. What I really liked about him was that he did things on his own; I don't know if he was supposed to do it or not, but I had a space that looks like it's about a ten-inch space between my installed microwave and the wall and it was just a space. He made, from leftover stuff around, a two-shelf, little place to put anything. I've got some cookbooks in it, but it was a very good idea, which I didn't think of, to fill that hole. He was just very cooperative and very nice—a very good worker. For me, they were an A+. There's nothing they could have done better. It's fine. He did a fantastic job laying the floor. I have no complaints at all.”

“They've done work for me in the past, and they did a good job. They did well, and what I liked most about them was that they were on time. You know contractors; a lot of the time, they put you off. JJM didn't do any of that. They were very, very good. They just did a lot of things. They put lights and flooring—all kinds of stuff. They did things that I needed done. They did a bathroom for me. They were good. They were responsible. I liked them a lot. I would recommend them. I would give them an A+.”

“Everything went well. It was a pretty positive experience with JJM. They put in an addition on the back of the house. I haven't had to call them back to fix anything since the work was completed. I would give them an A.”