Selecting the Right Contractor | Best Pick Reports

Since one of the great benefits of your project is its ability to be customized, you should take care to select a contractor with whom you have a good rapport. When talking to contractors, be as specific and detailed as you can about the functions you want your basement or addition to serve. Ask them if they’ve completed similar projects and what they consider their specialties to be. Finally, remember that a good contractor will not only carry out your plans, he or she will also be able to make suggestions. When you’re assessing bids, make sure that each contractor uses identical forms when making a bid and is working from the same plans and specifications. That’s the only way to ensure you’re assessing the bids fairly. Also make sure that the quote includes information regarding daily and final cleanup, obtaining and paying for licenses, completion date, and the amount of a down payment or the structure of a payment plan. Be wary of anyone who requests that you obtain licenses, demands payment in cash, or offers you a discount for a quick, on-the-spot hire.