Awning Advantages Abound | Best Pick Reports

In addition to providing decorative appeal, installing awnings on your home’s exterior also provides a host of other benefits.

Additional living space. Because they provide protection from certain elements, awnings are an excellent way to increase the amount of your home’s livable space. In many ways, installing a large awning over a patio or back deck is like adding an additional room, but without the cost of construction.

Decreased energy costs.
Small awnings extended over windows and doors will block the amount of UV radiation that enters your home, thus keeping it cooler. According to the United States Department of Energy, window awnings can reduce a home’s solar heat gain by as much as 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing ones.
Indoor furnishing protection. By blocking much of the direct sunlight, awnings also help prolong the life of your indoor furnishings, such as chairs, wallpaper, and carpet.