Refrigerator Issues | Best Pick Reports

Broken ice maker. A broken ice maker, one of the most common refrigerator problems, is best left to a professional. Often the problem is not the ice maker but a faulty water valve. Many do-it-yourselfers actually create more damage by attempting to repair or replace ice makers themselves.

Dripping/sweating around the freezer. This problem is usually caused by condensation (water) buildup around the freezer door. Many refrigerators use a small electric heater to stop the condensation from forming. However, the electric heater is often attached to a power saver switch that allows the homeowner to turn it off. If the power saver switch is in the “on” position, the heater is off, and condensation will form.

Leaking gasket. The gasket is the rubber strip attached to the outside edges of both doors. It provides a seal between the door and the body of the refrigerator when the door is closed. If the gasket is faulty or leaking, the cold air inside will continuously leak out, and the refrigerator will have to work extra hard to keep food cold. This is much like an open window in the middle of winter. Periodically inspect all refrigerator gaskets, especially the bottom refrigerator door gasket, to identify problems.

Dirty coils. Periodically clean the coils underneath the refrigerator. Dirty coils force the refrigerator to work much harder to maintain the same inside temperature and can greatly reduce refrigerator life. See your owner’s manual for specific instructions.