Dryer Issues | Best Pick Reports

Scraping or straining noises.  Scraping or straining noises are usually caused by either worn glides or worn rollers. Have them replaced before they damage the dryer’s drum, which is very expensive to replace.

Clogged vent.  If the dryer takes a very long time to dry the clothes, check to see if the vent is clogged. Dryers should have a four-inch, unobstructed vent line. Corrugated pipes within the dryer’s exhaust system, often used because they fit well in tight places, tend to clog more easily. Check the pipe periodically; clogged dryer pipes are a fire hazard.

Clogged lint trap.  Empty the dryer’s lint trap after every load. If you scrape the fuzz out, but you can still see the fuzz clinging to the wire mesh, try washing it with soap and water to remove the remaining residue. Do not start the dryer if the lint screen is not in place, because items, such as socks, may get trapped in the exhaust vent.