Atlanta Gas Appliance Safety | Best Pick Reports

Sometimes installing a gas appliance means replumbing a gas line in your home. Only qualified plumbers should complete this work. With your new appliance, take safety precautions. Install carbon monoxide and gas detectors to monitor these levels in your home. Remember that only qualified service technicians should move gas appliances, as additional force on the appliance or connector may lead to fractures and leaks. Always check for gas leaks before using a new gas appliance.

Do not block the air vents or store any combustible material, such as insect repellent or dish towels, in close proximity to the appliance. This could result in an explosion.

Many appliances in your home may run on gas. Appliance repair companies primarily deal with refrigerators, laundry machines, and dishwashers. Plumbers handle hot water heaters, and furnaces are installed and serviced by HVAC professionals.