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When it comes to problematic air conditioning and heating units, often the worst problems have the easiest solutions. Before calling an Atlanta air conditioning & heating contractor, try troubleshooting with the following four quick fixes for simple problems:

1. Entire system does not run. If the entire system will not run, reset all circuit breakers. Then check all fuses in the main electrical panel. A lack of electric power is a common cause of system failure for a heat pump, air conditioning unit, or even a gas furnace system.

2. Water leaks onto floor around the unit. Another common problem is water leaking onto the floor around an inside unit. Air conditioning units and heat pumps operating in the air conditioning mode condense moisture from the air onto the inside coil. The system is designed to collect the water in a pan and transfer it out of the house through a drainage tube. A dirty pan or a blocked drainage tube can cause water to overflow onto the floor; therefore, removing the dirt or clog may fix the problem.

3. Airflow leaving individual room vents seems weak. If airflow leaving individual room vents seems weak, check to see if the filter is dirty. The inside blowers of air conditioning units, heat pumps, and gas furnaces use filters to remove airborne particles and dust from air circulating throughout the house. The filter is located at the blower unit and should be checked every month for clogs. Dirty disposable filters should be replaced, and dirty washable filters should be cleaned with water and allowed to dry before reinstallation.

4. System runs but does not heat or cool properly. When a system is not heating or cooling properly, the intake and outgoing registers or ducts need to be checked to make sure they have not been accidentally blocked or obstructed. In general, keep all furniture a minimum of six inches away from the wall, and do not set any tables, chairs, or rugs on top of floor vents. Check all return vents to make sure dust and debris have not built up to the point of obstructing airflow. Turn off the system to clean it if needed.

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