Choosing an Atlanta HVAC Contractor | Best Pick Reports

Since many minor Atlanta air conditioning and heating system problems lead to greater, more expensive repairs, all issues should be resolved promptly. Because many small problems go unnoticed, routine system check-ups by an expert are important for the lifetime health of your system. Some heating and air technicians claim that half of all emergency service calls could be avoided through routine service.

Regular maintenance. Routine safety checks on gas systems are especially important to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular service can also eliminate the need for a contractor during peak seasons, such as the first hot spell of the summer, when good contractors are in high demand.

Some Atlanta heating & air conditioning contractors provide both installation services and maintenance and repair services. Many sell annual maintenance contracts to inspect and service the system before it breaks. When homeowners are satisfied with the initial installation of their new air conditioning and heating systems, they often opt to continue routine maintenance with their installation contractor.

Sizing a system. Upon installation, the contractor should correctly size a gas furnace system, air conditioning system, or heat pump system. If the system is too small, it will not adequately control the temperature of the house on especially cold and warm days. On the other hand, if the system is too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, creating excess noise, lower efficiency, and potentially decreased humidity control. Highly skilled professional contractors understand that operating inefficiencies occur as the system cycles on and off, and additional cycles waste money.

Atlanta air conditioning & heating contractors, like any company working at the home, should carry both workers' compensation and liability insurance. All Best Pick™ Atlanta HVAC contractors carry these insurances.