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Air-Ref Co., Inc. has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 80 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Air-Ref Co., Inc., has been specializing in residential and commercial air conditioning, electrical, and refrigeration systems since 1984. We are dedicated to giving 100 percent satisfaction to all of our customers. Our customers can count on us for the perfect fit for their home and budget with everything we sell, install, and service."

Chris Ryan | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Air-Ref Co. offers HVAC service, repair, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial customers. The company also provides electrical services in addition to 24/7 emergency service.
The company offers a one-year warranty for work on new constructions, a one-year labor warranty for air conditioning installations, and a one-year warranty on newly installed parts.
Company History
The family-owned-and-operated company was established in 1984.
Air-Ref Co. is a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer and a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).
Employee Information
Employees drive marked vehicles and undergo background checks.
Areas Served
Jupiter, Lantana, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Sunrise

“It was an excellent experience.”

“Everything is fine.”

“It was done while we were away. I don't have much to comment on. They did a good job. I would recommend Air-Ref.”

“It was nice to have an honest company come out. We had a wire split. Air-Ref fixed the roof wire. They gave us some information about our A/C. It was nice to have an honest company and not someone who blames it on something else.”

“For A/C system work and installation, those guys are the best. Good service. Excellent people. Air-Ref gets an A+ from me. I highly recommend them.”

“It was excellent. He knew what he was talking about, and he was very professional. He was really good. It was fantastic.”

“They installed an air conditioning unit. They're good people. The people who came out here are good people too—friendly. It's excellent to me, so they earned an A.”

“They installed a new A/C unit. I liked that they were efficient and quick, and they made sure that everything was properly installed and working before they left. I'd grade them as an A+.”

“They do excellent HVAC work, and I'd recommend them.”

“They did a lot of work. I'd give them an A+. Really nice guys.”

“I loved the young man. He was very honest. It was very obvious that he was trying to please me, and they did a good job. I wanted to see if I could hook up an antenna outside and get a lot of channels. I bought an antenna, and it didn't really work. I found out that satellite TV worked just fine for me because I don't live down here all the time. It's an A+.”

“The guy is excellent. He's very good. That's not the first time I've worked with them. In another job, he did major electrical work. He replaced the breaker panel. He did a lot of work. They were there for days. They're very good. I'd give them an A+. They're really nice guys; I've met two of them, and both of them were very nice. I'm going to give them more work. As soon as I have it, I'll call them.”

“They were wonderful. I had mold in the bathroom, and once we had it all fixed, they came in and did the electrical work. They came on time, they did what they were supposed to do, and they left on time. I would give them an A. They were fine.”

“I would say excellent work with no complaints. I would recommend them. I've only used them once and didn't have any issues.”

“They were great—awesome.”

“He came and checked my air conditioner for me. They did a good job and everything was fine. They were a little late, so I'll give them an A-. Without the punctuality it's an A+. He was an hour late. I'd recommend them.”

“My electricity had gone out in part of my apartment, and they were checking to see what the problem was. The guy was good, A+. He took care of everything quickly.”

“They were putting in a new air conditioning system. The sales representative was very good. He explained what was needed. The two people who came in and did the installation were very clean and efficient. They did everything very nicely and efficiently, and then they had a follow-up from another fellow to make sure that everything acted right. Everything seems to be working fine. So far we're very satisfied. I give them an A+.”

“I had no problem whatsoever. They were doing electrical work. I called them, and they got there as quickly as they could. Inside of 15 minutes, they had it all taken care of. It was something very simple that we didn't see, and he did. I'd give them A+.”

“Our air conditioner unit was not working correctly, so they took a look at it, identified that it needed a little piece, fixed it, and they were on their way. I would give them an A+.”

“They did some work on an electrical panel. They did a good job. They were an A+.”

“They put an air conditioning system in. They were neat, they were clean, and they were professional. They knew what they were doing, and they fit it right into the place they were supposed to fit it. I was very happy with them. I would grade them an A.”

“There wasn't anything wrong with it. The thermostat was broken. They just replaced the thermostat, that's all. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a new air conditioner and furnace. I think it was an A. I've never seen the work. I have a tenant in there. They say it's working, and that they did the work. I'd recommend them.”

“It was air conditioning work. I had a unit that wasn't working, and they fixed it. They were quick, on time, and did the job. I'd grade it very good, an A.”

“I had a neighbor whose air conditioner was noisy, so they put a dampening pad underneath it to quiet it down; spring-loaded pads. It was a lot of vibration that was being transmitted to the building. They seemed very confident. They were recommended. I would give them an A.”

“They were putting an air conditioning unit in. It was all up front, and everything went smoothly. I grade it an A.”

“It was something to do with my A/C. The job was done. I'd grade it an A.”

“It was very positive. They were very good.”

“They basically inspected. It was a potential house that I was going to purchase, and I just wanted to get a full understanding of the current conditions. The guy was very thorough. He went through and checked everything; very polite. I'd say it was an A.”

“I used them about a month ago. They were on time, they did the job, and that was it. I had a light fixture that was broken, and they fixed it for me. They also replaced a smoke detector that was not working. I would give them an A. They were very easy to deal.”

“Everything was fine. Excellent with no complaints. I didn't hear any complaints, so I guess everything was fine.”

“They supplied me with things for my CPAP machine. They just were good at whatever they did. I'd grade them an A.”

“Excellent work, no complaints, and I would recommend them for electrical work.”

“They installed a new unit. They were fast and friendly. I'd say it was an A.”

“It was very good. He was very good and a very nice person. Excellent work with no complaints, and I would recommend them.”

“We had a fire in our circuit breaker box, and they had to replace the entire box and rewire it—the whole thing. It was a Sunday. The guy that came out was very courteous and very prompt. He did a great job and got out as quickly as he could. I'd grade them an A.”

“It was positive.”

“It was a positive experience.”

“The experience was positive.”

“The circuit breaker to my water heater broke.”

“They were installing an A/C unit. I really wasn't here so I really can't say what I liked. I would have to talk to my wife. My wife dealt with them.”

“My tenant had it done. I would assume it was positive because I didn't hear anything.”

“Everything was fine. They were just doing HVAC work. They installed a pump on my air conditioner. The guy was very personable and very nice.”

“I had a positive experience.”

“They were very honest, and they did a good job. They installed a split mini system. I would absolutely give them an A.”

“It was months ago. I had a good experience. It was a repair. I'd give them an A.”

“They reported on time. They were easy to work, and their craftsmanship seemed very good. They installed a new drain line from my air conditioning system to the exterior of my house. I'd give them an A+.”

“I always have a positive experience with them. I've been dealing with Air Ref for 35 years, and they're the only people I use. Very positive. They work for me and my family. All members of my family. They've installed air conditionings. They've done a lot of service on all those air conditioning units. All in all, they've been great. I think one time they might have done some electrical work in conjunction with the air conditioning. I'd give them an A+. I recommend them to a lot of my people; I'm a realtor. I am extremely likely to recommend them.”

“They came out promptly. They were very honest. I like them. I had no problem. They fixed my air conditioner. It needed Freon, and I guess that was it. I'd give them an A.”

“After a few calls, it all worked out at the end of the day. They got back to you. They did air conditioning in the garage. They put an air conditioner in the garage. Let's give them an A-. They were good. I don't know about expertise, but everything worked out.”

“They were courteous. They did the job well, and they did not make any messes. They were professional. My air handler was not working. He was able to, after dissembling several of the parts, clean it thoroughly and put it back, and it was working properly. I'd give them an A.”

“They were great. They're very professional and very clean. Very organized in how they were handling the installation, and just everybody was extremely nice. They replaced my A/C and did a great job doing it. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did some HVAC work. They just put some freezer on it, so it froze. The guy who came over was really friendly. He was pretty honest about it. I'd give them an A. I am very likely to recommend them.”

“Everything was good. The service was good. I'd give them an A.”

“They said what they were going to do, and that was it. They installed an air conditioning system. I'd give them an A+. It was all excellent.”

“They were on time and friendly. They got what they had to do done, and that's it. They had to go on the roof of our condo and fix a compressor. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were on time. They completed the job. They set me up for a contract, and my daughter referred them. I had a good experience with them, so that's that. They serviced my air conditioning. Give them an A. My air is working.”

“I called them back, and they're doing a job here right now. They are more professional than the other companies I used. They seem to know more and do a better job. I've had a bunch of stuff done. I've had duct work done. I've had equipment changes. They're doing all the maintenance on it. There are seven units in this house. They did the maintenance, and now they're doing duct work and zoning. I'd give them an A+.”

“It was very much positive. I paid another company to do what they did. The other company I threw away money, and they did it perfect. What we wanted was for it to be cool, and my wife says it's now the coolest area that that system covers. I'd give them an A. Quality of work and customer service were great.”

“They did maintenance on my air conditioning. They were professional. They came on time. They seemed to do a thorough job. I'd use them again. I have a maintenance contract with them, but I don't really know what they did. They said everything's fine, so as far as I'm concerned, I'd give them a high rating. They never really repaired anything or did anything out of the ordinary. I'm satisfied with my experience. I'd give them an A.”