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"Grove offers value that cannot be measured. We believe kindness is always necessary. Hard work is a reflection of who we are, and we pursue excellence at all times. We take pride in the craftsmen we train and employ—a fact you'll notice immediately in the attitude and integrity that they bring to your job."

Gary W. Grove | President & Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Grove offers residential and commercial HVAC installation, design, maintenance, and repair as well as installation and service of air ducts, central air purifiers, water heaters, and boilers.
Grove offers a two-year labor warranty on all new equipment installations and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on all installations. The company honors all equipment manufacturers' warranties.
Company History
Grove was founded in 2002.
Grove is a Trane Comfort Specialist, a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, and a WaterFurnace Dealer.
Additional Information
Grove installs and services equipment from all leading manufacturers, specializing in green products such as geothermal heat pumps and energy-efficient heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces. The company also specializes in Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems.
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Areas Served
Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park, Bowie, Hyattsville, Lanham, Laurel

“Excellent service, high quality customer care and attention, very dependable.”

“Our realtor recommended Grove to us and they've lived up to her highest recommendation for everything they've done in the four and half years we've been here from first consultation on a new HVAC system and hot water heater to their seasonal service on our heating and air conditioning. The Trane system we had installed has paid for itself in efficiency and low utility bills. All the service men have been polite and knowledgeable. Whenever we call the office whoever answers the phone is polite and chipper, as well as efficient. Kudos to Grove for a great company.”

“Amazing products and very professional installation.”

“Everything has been great. They have been servicing our units for several years and installed a new water heater for us. No complaints, the workers who come have all been really nice.”

“Great service.”

“Outstanding in all phases of their service. They offer a yearly maintenance agreement which fits into your budget without causing financial difficulties. Men of their words.”

“They installed gas heating and new air conditioning. Grove was very professional, neat, timely and informative, a great company.”


“Good job.”

“Grove has been our HVAC contractor for several years. They answer when called, will come out no matter when they are called. Reliable service.”

“I have been using Grove Heating & Cooling for over 10 years, would not trust my heat pump service to any other company.”

“Neat, clean, prompt and thorough.”

“Professional and prompt service. The service tech was clean and very professional; handled the service and explained to me what was done and what if any maintenance he performed according to our service contact.”

“They do not send unskilled workers to do the job.”

“I have used Grove Heating & Cooling for several years, ever since another company installed our geothermal system improperly. They undertook a very challenging job and made many repairs and adjustments that helped reduce our electric bills. We have had an extremely positive experience and would highly recommend all their technicians, managers, and schedulers.”

“I had them redo some work that was done by someone else. They were great and did the corrections perfectly. They now do my yearly contact.”

“Grove Heating & Cooling did an outstanding job with the installation of my heating and air conditioning unit and the new hot water heater all in one day. They have continued to provide outstanding service.”

“Top-notch. It's truly a pleasure doing business with Grove.”

“We have been very happy with Grove Heating and Cooling ever since they have put our unit in. They are always punctual with Spring & Fall Maintenance and their staff is always friendly when they come out to do the service. The office staff is efficient in getting out reminders and very friendly when we call to make appointments. We are very pleased with Grove Heating and Cooling.”

“They do a great job - trust their work.”

“Always on time and efficient. Good knowledge of product. Friendly.”

“Grove did an annual service of my unit. 1st time a portion of cleaning was missed in the unit. They were happy to come back out and repeat the service call to fix the issue. No questions. Just quick positive response.”

“I have used Grove HVAC for many years and have been very happy. They are courteous, responsive and they stand behind their work.”

“Very good service and would highly recommend.”

“Have been with them for years always pleased with their service.”

“Grove Heating & Cooling has come out several times for fall and spring checkups on the heating and A/C units they installed. They are always punctual and do a great job. Before they replaced our unit, they came out on the morning of our daughter's wedding and saved the day by repairing our old system first thing that morning. We are forever customers!”

“In this age of lack-luster customer service, Grove is in a category all its own. Outstanding, other companies collect your money for annual services than you don't see them until it's time to renew again; with Grove you receive reminders to schedule your spring and fall check-up.”

“I had a competitor attempt to fix my problem several times. After many hundreds of dollars, I tried Grove. The problem was diagnosed within 10 minutes and I haven't had an issue since.”

“Grove Heating and Cooling installed my unit over five years ago. They have serviced it twice yearly since then and I have had no problems with it at all. Their work is professional, and service is prompt. I can recommend them.”

“Very good service, we plan to continue with Grove.”

“The Grove personnel showed they had the experience to install the heating and cooling unit with no delay.”

“Full install ductwork and A/C. They stood up and did everything they said they would. I hope they take care of the next people in the house.”

“Great people, great service, great overall.”

“The overall experience was exceptional!”

“Grove Heating & Cooling is very professional and stand behind their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“Company provides top quality equipment and has installers and service technicians that are thorough, punctual, courteous, and clean-up after themselves. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and the follow-up services.”

“Grove installed my geothermal units approximately four years ago and maintained it since. There service both via telephone as well as in person has been great. They are friendly, experienced, prompt, and responsive. I am very happy with their product and service.”

“Has to call twice before we got a return call from the tech but once he was figured out the problem quickly and fixed our A/C.”

“Mike diagnosed the problem and went to get the necessary parts in a timely fashion. He then replaced and installed the parts. My air conditioning wasn't down for very long.”

“Very punctual, polite, mindful being tidy. Equipment provided appears to function well. Prompt service the one time air conditioner failed. Referred us to a plumber who did excellent work resolving problem with pipe to out-door faucet when no other plumbers would even return our calls for the project.”

“Great customer service.”

“Great Service, already recommended them to others!”

“Outstanding work from ALL involved. From the estimator to the installers to the accounting department we all very responsive and just a joy to work with.”

“Customer friendly and responsive. Trustworthy firm and worth considering when replacing an old HVAV system or performing maintenance services on an existing system.”

“Very professional in every way yet also friendly. Clearly experienced and knowledgeable. Prompt, courteous and efficient.”

“Showed up on time and answer all questions”

“I had a geothermal system installed. This required putting ducts throughout the house, a new electrical subpanel, and two wells. Grove, and their electrical, plumbing, ducting, drilling subcontractors did an excellent job, were timely, and provided a firm estimate, and helped with the state and federal tax refunds. There were a few bugs, and Grove responded very quickly and corrected the problem within hours. It has been running flawlessly for 13 months since.”

“Grove Heating & Cooling installed my geothermal unit 10 years ago and has very reliably kept the system in good working order since then. I highly recommend them to others.”

“Most people are happy with a satisfactory experience when involved with a home improvement project. If you are fortunate enough to have an excellent experience you want everyone to know. We had an excellent experience with Grove Heating and Cooling installing ductless heat and air conditioning in our home. The entire staff was professional and thoughtful. They have been very responsive to the few questions we have had. The system works perfectly at a significant monthly utility savings. We could not be happier,”

“They are first class and do what they say!!”

“I liked that they did the work quickly. They removed the heater and put another one in. The customer service was good. They were an A+.”

“They arrived on time, did everything pretty quickly, and went above and beyond as far as cleaning. They were just checking the whole system to make sure it was OK and refilling the coolant or refrigerant. They're very professional and courteous. I chose them because they were in the Best Pick Reports for Howard County. I'd give them an A+.”

“They're great, just great. They've responded well any time I've ever called them and with great service from the get-go. All the installation was good, and everything has been great. I built a new home, and they put a geothermal heating and air system in. They've also been back a couple of times to service it. I have a maintenance program with them—they do maintenance twice a year, and everything's been good. They call you, and everybody's great on the phone. I had been referred to them by a friend of mine. We met with a couple of people, and it was just way they presented themselves that made me lean toward them. I've referred them to a couple of other places that have used them. I'd rate them an A+.”

“I had a 100 percent good experience. They are absolutely great people.”

“They actually returned a phone call, which a lot of companies don't do, so it was easy to schedule with them. I got an appointment in a reasonable time. They looked at the wall unit of a heater for me and checked it. It was working off and on—they got it working, and we haven't had a problem since. The company that we had been using went out of business, so I made several phone calls, and they were one of the ones that called me back. I'd grade them an A.”

“They were prompt in getting the service taken care of when I needed it. They replaced the HVAC. They were very nice, prompt, and helpful. They were fine. I chose them because he's my neighbor, though we're not personal friends. I'd grade them an A.”

“There was a part of the air conditioner that had to be put in, and that is what they did. I liked the man who came out very much—he explained the pros and cons to us. I felt very comfortable making the decision to have the work done. I'd give them an A, and I'm going to call them again, because it's getting time to do my heating service. I'm going to have them come back, and I think that's the biggest vote of confidence of all.”

“We called them because the system wasn't working, so they came to fix it. They were friendly and on time. I chose them because they had been out here before. I'd grade them an A.”

“They had good service and good customer service. I chose them because they were close to my house. I had an air conditioner replaced. I'd rate them A.”

“They installed our unit about three years ago, and they do semiannual maintenance on it. They're prompt, they show up when they're supposed to, and they're neat. They give me a little rundown on what they find when they're done. I'd give them an A.”

“I'd just had air conditioner maintenance done, and what stood out to me most was their knowledge. I'd grade them an A.”

“They are very responsive, and I've never had any problems with anything that they've done. They've always done a good job. They're easy to get in touch with and always very nice. Several years ago, they put in our geothermal heating system, and now they maintain it, so we've been using them for years. I'd rate them an A.”

“He was very informative whenever he was here—he explained everything that he was doing, things that we needed to change, and anything like that. It was a very good experience. We just had our six-month inspection for heating and cooling. We have a contract with them. I'd give them an A.”

“They were quite good. I liked them, and I haven't had any problems with them. Everything seems to be working fine.”

“They were fair in pricing and friendly. They came for my air conditioner—which was down—and they fixed it. I chose them because they were cheaper in price. I'd give them A.”

“Grove is always amazing. This is the second property that I've used them for, and every single time, they've gone above and beyond. They're awesome. Last time, the HVAC system had an issue. They diagnosed and fixed it, but they did all this research first and tried to figure out the best possible scenario. I really appreciated that. I'd give them an A+.”

“Grove is extremely professional. We turned on our geothermal air conditioner, and it wasn't working. The guy got it running and explained what had happened. Since then, we've been bringing them out for regular maintenance. We weren't that thrilled with the company that installed the system, which was why we brought Grove in. We're glad we did—they're an A+ company.”

“They're always great. They're trustworthy and really know what they're doing. They're excellent, and I would give them an A+.”

“They did heating, a new A/C, and a new furnace. Their salesperson was actually the best person we talked to, and the process was simple and straightforward. Their customer service was excellent. If a friend or neighbor asked me about Grove, I would recommend them. I think they deserve an A.”

“I knew I needed to get a new system, and the technicians from Grove were very efficient and very polite. I would recommend them, and I would give them an excellent rating.”

“Grove came once to do a general cleaning of the system, and I didn't have any problems with it. I would absolutely recommend them. I'd call them excellent.”

“I'm a landlord, and Grove did work for one of my rental properties. From what I've heard from the tenant, they had a positive experience. I didn't have to call them back for any issues, so I would recommend them. I'd say they get an A.”

“I didn't have any problems with Grove. We had a good experience. They did a good job—A+.”

“They replaced my HVAC system. They were quick and got the job done, and I was very pleased with it. Their customer service was good. I didn't have to call them back for any issues after the work was done. I think they deserve an A+.”

“We had our A/C checked out. The company I work for does business with Grove as well, so we chose them because we were more familiar with them. Their customer service was really good, and I didn't have to call them back after the work was completed. Grove is a great company—they're A+.”

“Grove services our heater and air conditioner, and they replaced it all in April. Their customer service was very good. They do everything they say they're going to do, and I haven't had any issues or had to call them back for anything. They're a good company. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did heating and cooling for me, and I liked everything about them. They were courteous and prompt, and they stood behind their work. I'd recommend them. I think they deserve an A+.”

“Grove has been doing work for me for about 10 years now. They never, ever call me in the evenings. It's the most respectful thing, and I really appreciate that about them. They've done everything—complete mechanical systems, recreation work, repairs to existing systems, commercial work, residential work; you name it. I've never had to call them back for any issues. I'd probably have to give them an A+.”

“They were on time, and they did a nice job. I first heard about Grove through a friend. Their customer service was good, and I didn't have any reason to call them back for anything. I would recommend them. They deserve an A+.”

“We had Grove install a furnace and a central air unit. They were the installers that I went through when I purchased the items at a hardware store. They were neat, efficient, and very professional. I think they're A+.”

“They put in a new system for me, and they seemed very trustworthy. I chose Grove because of a recommendation, and I would recommend them myself. It's an A+ from me.”

“The previous owner of our home had used Grove to service the furnace, so I called them, too. They came out right away. I had a situation where I didn't have any heat, and they were here in a couple of hours. There were a couple of things that I thought were wrong that he could have charged me for if he wasn't honest with me. He just said, 'No, that's not necessary,' or, 'This is something you can fix very easily yourself.' The technician was very, very helpful. I would strongly recommend them. They get an A.”

“I liked that they showed up on time and solved the issue the first time. I chose them because I saw them in my neighborhood. Their customer service was very good. I would recommend them; in fact, I already have. I'll give them an A.”

“I had two systems put in by Grove at two different times. They came out when they said they were going to come, and they did the work they were supposed to do. They had to do some unusual kind of carpentry work, but they did that, cleaned up really well, and then put everything back just the way it was supposed to be. I was pretty pleased. I would recommend them, and I would give them an A. They do good work.”

“They were professional and knowledgeable, and they knew what they were doing. They took care of any issues that came up. I liked that they were clean when they came to the house. I would recommend Grove. I think they deserve an A.”

“I went with Grove because I had used them before. Their customer service is very good. It was a difficult problem, but they worked hard, and I didn't have to call them back for any issues or anything after the work was completed. I would recommend them. They did A-grade work.”

“It was very good. They came when they said they would, it was easy to make an appointment, and they appear to be very thorough. They did work both inside and outside. Their customer service was very good. In fact, the reason I used them over another company was because the person who received my call at Grove was just very helpful. I'd give them an A rating.”

“I liked the person that came out and talked with me. Originally, we had called Grove out to look at the air conditioning because we were having difficulty with it, and we discussed it back and forth. The system that we had was something like 25 years old, so we got a good life expectancy from it, and we really extensively discussed the possibilities. We opted to go with a new system, and so far, there are no difficulties at all. I was very happy with their service. We had both an air conditioning unit and a furnace put in, and everything has been operational so far. They deserve an A.”

“Grove put in a new furnace for us. They seemed very professional and got the work done very quickly. The customer service was fine—we had no problems at all. An A suits them fine.”

“We had to buy a new unit. Grove was fine—they're very nice and very polite guys. I would recommend them. It was good service. They did a good job, and we were happy.”

“We are investors and have several properties, so Grove has done about half a dozen units for us. They are very good. I liked the fact that they did not replace the system—they tried to fix it first. A friend of ours recommended them, and I would recommend them myself. I'll give them an A.”

“Grove serviced our heat pump. They were honest and easy to work with. They were recommended by a friend, and I would recommend them, too. They did A-grade work.”

“They've always done our service, and I've never had any issues at all. Their customer service is great. Every time I call, they answer the phone. Every time I've needed somebody, they've had somebody out there right away. I would recommend Grove just because I've never had any problems.”

“I used them because they were a contractor with a hardware store. They were prompt, and they did a good job installing. If a friend or a family member asked me about Grove, I would tell them they were good.”

“They replaced a furnace for me, and they've worked on my air conditioning, too. They were on time, prompt, professional, and technically very good. Their customer service was great. I only had to call them back once. When they installed the furnace, they wired something incorrectly, but they came right away and fixed it at no charge, so it was fine. I first heard about Grove through a friend, and I would highly recommend them myself. I would give them an A+.”

“Grove was excellent. I liked their service, their reliability, and their credibility. The guy was an outstanding individual. He took the time to explain everything to us. He also explained how to lower our bills and what maintenance we needed. They're great—they deserve an A+ on everything, without a doubt.”

“Grove installed an air conditioning unit for me, and they were very professional. They did the job exactly the way they were supposed to. They were neat, tidy—it's just amazing. The customer service was phenomenal. We'd definitely recommend them—I have already. They're an A+.”

“Grove was very professional and very prompt. They installed a Trane system, and it works fantastic. Their product knowledge was far better than anybody I've dealt with. I would give them an A+—110 percent.”

“My experience with Grove has been positive. Just the way they do things makes it positive. When they say they're going to be here—they're here. The technicians are very polite and clean. They put covers on their shoes when they come in the house. They're the best. They installed my air conditioner and furnace. Everything's working well for me. I've been using them for a long time. I'd recommend them to others. They're excellent—A+.”

“They installed an air conditioning system for me. It was harder than they expected, and they went to extremes to get it done. I had an existing system, but it had to be replaced. It kept losing Freon. I think it took two days, but I don't remember. The customer service was OK. I didn't have to clean up after them. I'd give them an A+.”