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Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington

6th year as a Best Pick

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"Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have offered quick responses and constant communication with our customers."

Robert Schattner | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington offers water damage mitigation; mold remediation; smoke and soot cleaning; repairs and reconstruction; odor removal; biohazard mitigation and cleaning; contents pack-out; boarding up; and tarping services.
  • Warranty
    Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington offers a one-year warranty on labor.
  • Distinctions
    Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The company is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association.
  • Company History
    The company has been serving customers since its founding in 1994.
  • Employee Information
    Employees of the company wear uniforms, carry identification badges, and drive marked vehicles.
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I had a leak right after a really bad storm. They patched up the leak temporarily until I had the insurance adjuster do the claim and go through that process. They were great, and they came out in the dark, so that was wonderful. I'd give Purofirst an A+.
They did a cleanup and some mitigation after we had a flood. They set everything up, and they were great. It was excellent; I would give them an A+. We had no issues with mold or any of that stuff when they came in to do the reconstruction. The two guys that came out that day were great.
They did water damage remediation work. I thought they did high-quality work. Their communication was good, their workers were responsible, and they did what they were supposed to do.
They were excellent—they did everything. I would recommend them, absolutely.
They did excellent work and I had no complaints. They were doing water damage and mold remediation. I would recommend them.
They cleaned up and fixed water damage in a ceiling. They were A+.
It was water damage restoration. It was A+ work; it was great. I'd definitely recommend them.
I think they replaced the floors and walls from water damage—A+.
It was water damage and mold. A+. I liked that they were very responsive and got to my house quickly.
They were really nice. I had to fire the previous water mitigation company, so they had the hard task of coming in mid-job. They were very nice and seemed to go above and beyond to make sure that I understood what they were doing. They answered all of my questions, but maybe that's because they knew the previous company had been fired. Maybe that's how they are normally. I'd give them an A+.

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