Research Methodology

EBSCO Research conducts extensive consumer satisfaction research to review home service providers, and we use the data collected to provide testimonials and objective, third-party ratings of companies in dozens of categories.

An overview of our Best PickCertification Process:

For each Best Pick Reports publication, we conduct thousands of new surveys every year with homeowners who had firsthand experience with home service providers. To maintain third-party objectivity, we base our ratings entirely on research conducted by EBSCO employees in our research centers. All reviews are aggregated, averaged, and weighted based on how recently the review was collected, in order to calculate a final grade. All Best Pick companies must maintain an A-grade based on more than 100 reviews in our research database, though oftentimes a company’s rating will be based on a much higher volume of reviews. These numbers can be found above the published homeowner reviews in this publication as well as online at

Since our founding in 1997, our principles have been based on accurate and consistent information, and we uphold, share, and publish our standards for your benefit.

As part of our commitment to the integrity of our research, we carefully screen prospective employees for connections to home service companies to prevent conflicts of interest. No EBSCO Research employee or researcher holds an ownership stake in any listed, or prospective, Best Pick company. The same is true of EBSCO and EBSCO Research. Additionally, no companies that EBSCO Research rates hold any ownership stake in EBSCO or EBSCO Research.

Companies cannot buy a good rating; the only way companies can obtain the Best Pick designation is to earn it by having many satisfied customers and good reviews. We never accept references, letters of recommendation, write-in reviews, or third-party references in our research.

After tracking and rating thousands of businesses, we showcase Best Pick companies in our annual report, which is posted online and mailed to homes in many metropolitan communities. Participation in the Best Pick program is completely voluntary and only offered to companies that excel in our research.