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Westheimer Tree Experts, Inc.

6th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability

"In the beginning, Westheimer Tree Experts was just a two-man crew. With smart decisions and commitment, our company has evolved into one of the strongest, most dependable tree companies in the greater Houston area. What sets us apart is the fact that we own our own crane."

Mike Hooper & Richard Williams | President & Vice President

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Westheimer Tree Experts offers the removal of large or dangerous trees, emergency tree work, tree trimming, cavity work, and debris removal for residential and commercial customers. The company utilizes a company-owned crane and specializes in minimizing landscape and property damage.
  • Services Not Offered
    Westheimer Tree Experts does not spray trees for insects.
  • Minimum Job
    The company has a $250 job minimum.
  • Company History
    Westheimer Tree Experts was founded in 1973 by Mike Hooper and Richard Williams.
  • Employee Information
    All of the company's employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. Prospective employees must pass drug testing.

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They were very nice, I thought that they were very honest, and they gave me their best opinions. They also told me some more stuff about the tree that I didn't know. We have a big pecan tree in our backyard, and they trimmed it all the way up so we didn't have a problem with mosquitoes or birds. They're A+.
They did a really good job. They came and did their job. There was no playing around or joking around. They just did what they needed to do and did a good job doing it. They trimmed out a tree in the front. We have a large tree in the front, and I asked them to trim it back off of the house. I would give them an A rating, the best rating. They did an excellent job. I can't complain about it. They did a good job.
They come when they say they will, they give you an estimate for the work before they start, and they get the work done for that price. They get in and get out, and they do an excellent job of cleaning up. They have taken down probably a dozen trees, including some that had fallen into a bayou next to the house, so they're diligent workers. The first time I used them, they did a good job, so I kept using them. I would give them an A.
It was very good, and they did a good job. They did an excellent job, actually. They took it out in two pieces. They had the equipment to do it with. They got the stump and got it out there in short time. They removed a big tree and dug the stump out. They had that equipment, and I was a little worried about this tree because it was huge. I've had them do work before, and they've been good. It was very good. I would rate the company as an A.
I liked his experience and the experience of his workers—overall experience. I only have one tree, and it's in between my house and my backdoor neighbors. They have professionally trimmed the tree so that it isn't a danger to either house, to my house or my backdoor neighbor's. Their customer service is excellent. They're an A-grade company.
They are reliable, they do what we ask them to do, and they do a good job. They have fertilized trees, cut down trees, and trimmed trees for us. Their customer service was excellent. They return your call, and they're polite when they come out. I would give them an A grade.
They did a really good job. I would use them again. They were recommended by my lawn maintenance guy. They just showed up in a big truck, and it ended up really well. They took like five of my trees or something like that. They pruned out some tress and did pretty much everything I wanted them to do. They couldn't come out first thing because it rained really hard, but they came out the next day. They did an extremely good job. I would use them again. I would give them an A.
They were very professional. They came in, they told me exactly what they were going to do, and they did their job. They gave me options about what the best plan would be. They did some trimming and tree removal. They did a good job. They were definitely an A.
We did some work with them last year. They did a good job. They were pretty efficient. It was tree removal. It was a pretty simple job; they showed up on time, and they were pretty neat about it. I would give them an A rating.
It was good. It was real nice. They did a better job than the folks that I had doing it before. They cleaned the area up so it looked professionally done. We had much better results than what I had in the past. They trimmed my trees around my house. I would give them an A, a top rating.

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