Homeowner Testimonials

I write my notes about companies on the book. I find Best Pick Reports to be really helpful, especially in a place like Northern Virginia. Here, you may not know your neighbors; you may only know your colleagues, and they may not live anywhere near you. It's helpful to have something that gives you information for the specific area where you live.

I think it's really good. It's a good source of information when you're looking for a company. On top that, the book also gives you a lot of knowledge to know what to look for when dealing with a project, knowledge that you can apply to your particular situation.

It gives local homeowners a review of people who have done work in the area. It's kind of a quick snapshot into a lot of the contractors out there. I like it a lot. There are lots of people in those industries, so Best Pick Reports streamlines making a choice a lot quicker than just trying to go through a phone book.

I absolutely think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool. I left the book for the people who purchased our home and said, 'This is a good resource,' since they're new. We had very good luck with the contractors from there.

I have used Best Pick Reports. There's just a few entries in each category, and the people you put in there are really good. Keep it small and simple. Quality is the key. Perfect.

Every time I receive a copy I always hang onto it, so anytime I need some work done, I can always call people in the book. It's been fantastic, a great guideline for finding good companies.

I really like it. Initially, I wasn't sure about how much I could trust your research, but I've never had anything but really good luck with the Best Pick Reports' companies I've used. You get a great random sampling of folks that have used those companies in your research, and that's probably why we've had a positive experience with every company.

I keep the book and look at it all the time. Phenomenal. Wonderful research.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. It was really nice to have a list of possible providers if we needed someone. We're in a new home, and nice it's to have this resource.

I use it whenever I need to have anything done, because the companies in the book are really good and quite reputable. I recommend it all the time. I keep it sitting on the counter so that it's always there whenever I need it.