Homeowner Testimonials

I really like the concept, and I like the fact that it gives actual references. I think it's a great book. I'd grade it an A. I find the information in the Best Pick Reports most definitely helpful.

It's been very, very helpful as a homeowner because if you just search online, online is great for finding national companies, but it's terrible for finding someone local. I want to be able to find the guy in my community. That's where your publication comes init fills that void, serves a need.

I got my contractor's name out of Best Pick Reports. I ended up going with window cleaning because the carpet cleaning service went so well. I'm very pleased with them. I would use the report over and over again, I would. I love that book; it was very helpful.

I'm familiar with Best Pick Reports. We find it helpful. The variety in there is good. I've often gone to it and referred friends to different companies when they've needed stuff done. I'll grab the book and say, 'Look, this is in the Best Pick Reports book, and this is the rating that they've gotten. Here's their phone number.'

I love the book. It started showing up in my mail, and it's been great. I was quite impressed with it, the homeowners' feedback. I've actually plugged in with quite a number of people in the area that have also said many of the companies that are published in Best Pick Reports were very good.

I'm familiar with Best Pick Reports. That's actually how I found my contractor, to be honest. I was a general contractor for probably eight years, and the company I used to use for concrete lifting isn't around any longer. I found a new one in the book, I used them, and I was satisfied. I absolutely think the book will be helpful to people.

Whenever I need a contractor, I call the guys EBSCO Research recommends. I don't keep information from companies themselves, but I always keep Best Pick Reports. The book has been so helpful.

What I like about Best Pick Reports is all of the advice it gives. When you're calling a company, you may not know what they're talking about, but with the educational information in this book, I was more prepared than ever. The information is so useful.

I think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool for homeowners like myself. That's how we found our roofers.

I keep the book and look at it all the time. Phenomenal. Wonderful research.