Homeowner Testimonials

What I like about Best Pick Reports is all of the advice it gives. When you're calling a company, you may not know what they're talking about, but with the educational information in this book, I was more prepared than ever. The information is so useful.

I absolutely think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool. I left the book for the people who purchased our home and said, 'This is a good resource,' since they're new. We had very good luck with the contractors from there.

We like the book very much because we feel like any services that we may need, we've got Best Pick Reports as a reference. We're really happy with it.

I really appreciate Best Pick Reports doing this. You're really trying to make sure the people you recommend are good folks. I can have more confidence that when I call a contractor, it's not somebody who's just paying to get their name in. That's great.

We get the book, and we refer to it regularly. When we need work, and I can't find Best Pick Reports, I usually panic and say, 'Where's the reference book with all the contractors?' I look for it, so I think it's a great book.

We always keep Best Pick Reports in case something comes up. It's helpful, especially moving to a new area and really not knowing who to call. That's why we keep the tear-out of names and numbers on the side of the fridge.

I've read my copy pretty much from front to back. I think it's really helpful. Obviously, the references for the particular companies were helpful. Also, the section at the beginning of each chapter that tells you about what you should be doing to maintain your home was extremely helpful. I appreciated the explanations of things you need to be doing on an annual basis or semi-annual basis for your home because some of the work we'd never gotten done on our house.

Everything's good about Best Pick Reports. You had good ratings in there and good feedback from people that've used the companies. It gives me a better idea of who to pick based on those past experiences. And that's the best way to find a companyby referral and from someone who's done research on them.

The book is nice. All you have to do is open it up and thumb through it, and there are the names to call.

We recently used Best Pick Reports to find a contractor. We'd been sitting here, thinking, 'All right, who do we hire for this?' You've done the research, so we went to the book. It's good to have.