Homeowner Testimonials

We requested a copy and had it shipped to us. We actually have gone through it many times because we're new, first-time homeowners. It was very helpful for us to have it available right at our fingertips.

I love this book; I get all of my workers out of it. Whenever I have a home problem, I go to Best Pick Reports first. I didn't use the book to find a lawn service, and I've regretted it.

What I like about Best Pick Reports is all of the advice it gives. When you're calling a company, you may not know what they're talking about, but with the educational information in this book, I was more prepared than ever. The information is so useful.

We like the book very much because we feel like any services that we may need, we've got Best Pick Reports as a reference. We're really happy with it.

I like Best Pick Reports. I gave a copy to a friend also. It's good to get this book because we all need services donewe just didn't know where to look.

I use it whenever I need to have anything done, because the companies in the book are really good and quite reputable. I recommend it all the time. I keep it sitting on the counter so that it's always there whenever I need it.

I've read my copy pretty much from front to back. It was extremely helpful. I appreciated the explanations of things you need to be doing on an annual basis or semi-annual basis for your home because some of the work we'd never gotten done.

Our plumber is out of Best Pick Reports, which we received shortly after we moved here from New York. We didn't know any of our neighbors yet, and things were going wrong at our house. Calling a contractor can be a lot like a crapshoot; you just cross your fingers. But with Best Pick Reports, I read the reviews, and I know who to call.

It's absolutely a good tool for finding companies to use. We're first-time homeowners, and we're new to Houston, so we don't go by referrals. Having Best Pick Reports was definitely a big help, absolutely.

It's nice that you keep your sections fine-tuned with just a couple of providers. Those companies are all going to be top-notch. There's always so many contractors to choose from out there, so I'd rather have somebody with good resources narrow it down for me. Then I can just grab a couple that are the top-notch ones and go from there. That's what I like about Best Pick Reports.