Homeowner Testimonials

I use Best Pick companies a lot, and it's been brilliant. Every contractor I got out of the book has been really good.

It gives local homeowners a review of people that have done work in the area. It's kind of a quick snapshot into a lot of the contractors out there. I like it a lot. There are lots of folks in those industries, so Best Pick Reports streamlines making a choice a lot quicker than just trying to go through a phone book.

I think it's awesome. I've used it, and I thought it was great, especially since the recommendations are based off other peoples' referrals and experiences in our area.

I have used Best Pick Reports. There's just a few entries in each category, and the people you put in there are really goodkeep it small and simple. Quality is the key. Perfect.

I write my notes about companies on the book. I find Best Pick Reports to be really helpful, especially in a place like Northern Virginia. Here, you may not know your neighbors; you may only know your colleagues, and they may not live anywhere near you. It's helpful to have something that gives you information for the specific area where you live.

We use the book, and we save it. I'm happy to get it. I like that it's local to us here. I feel like if a company's in the book, it's a good recommendation. I don't like to have people work at my house when I don't know if anybody's used them before. If they're in the book, I just take that word.

When our neighbor was asking for some references, I just handed him my copy of the book. It's a very useful resource.

It's easy to navigate through and find contractors. It's the kind of book you need in a hurry when you need it, and all the information is clear and well-organized.

That's where I found the company that did stone work for me. I think absolutely it's a good reference. I was new to that particular area of town, and it's hard to know who to trust these days, so Best Pick Reports was of particular value.

To find people who consistently do good work is nearly impossible. Finding out about Best Pick Reports was like a lifesaver.