Homeowner Testimonials

I think it's a good resource, and I think it's a book that people really do rely on. With Atlanta being such a large area where people move and go all the time, you don't always have a chance to get to know people and ask your neighbors about a good referral, and I think that's the main service that Best Pick Reports provides. It's really a relief to know you're hiring somebody that you can trust. Best Pick Reports is the first place I look because they are definitely better than any of the other books.

We have used the Best Pick book very faithfully. I felt like it gave us quality contractors to deal with, rather than having to go with whoever I happened to find a phone listing for. Best Pick Reports is invaluable.

The book was helpful when I was looking for a plumber. I used it to identify someone who was reputable and to see how people felt about a company's service.

To find people who consistently do good work is nearly impossible. Finding out about Best Pick Reports was like a lifesaver.

It gives local homeowners a review of people who have done work in the area. It's kind of a quick snapshot into a lot of the contractors out there. I like it a lot. There are lots of people in those industries, so Best Pick Reports streamlines making a choice a lot quicker than just trying to go through a phone book.

We use your book. Best Pick Reports is a great independent service. People call me up all the time asking me about companies because they know I used to be a facilities manager, and I refer them to this book all the time.

We always keep Best Pick Reports in case something comes up. It's helpful, especially moving to a new area and really not knowing who to call. That's why we keep the tear-out of names and numbers on the side of the fridge.

Everything's good about Best Pick Reports. The feedback gives me a better idea of who to pick based on those past experiences. And that's the best way to find a companyby referral and from someone who's done research on them.

I love this book; I get all of my workers out of it. Whenever I have a home problem, I go to Best Pick Reports first. I didn't use the book to find a lawn service, and I've regretted it.

I went to the book when I needed a plumber, and it was very helpful. I rely on Best Pick Reports.