Homeowner Testimonials

I like Best Pick Reports better than online referral services because they list local companies that are actually in my community.

What I like about Best Pick Reports is all the advice it gives. When you're calling a company, you may not know what they're talking about, but with the educational information in this book, I was more prepared than ever.

I was looking at the Home Reports website recently, and I think it is very helpful. It gave me good ideas about who to hire and what to look for. I thought it was pretty good.

As a homeowner, I'm always looking for somebody that can give me a view on service providers. I think it's important to have that. Best Pick Reports is a good tool.

I've used Best Pick Reports for so long that, for the most part, I've already picked my favorite companies, but each year I look back through it to confirm that these companies are still good. I find it very useful.

If I'm looking for a contractor, I want one that I know has been in this area for a while, not a fly-by-night. These companies will be here if I need to call them down the road. That's a benefit with your book that makes me feel comfortable.

I used one of the people you recommended for paving. And I probably wouldn't have reached out to them if it weren't for your report; I'm very happy. I appreciate the help Best Pick Reports gives me.

We're remodeling our home's interior and exterior, and we use Best Pick Reports as a resource. It's very handy.

I think it's a very valuable resource. Many people have rated all of those companies, so it's a great reference. I will absolutely refer to Home Reports for any upcoming projects.

Best Pick Reports is awesome. The book is how we found our HVAC company, and I find it very, very useful