Homeowner Testimonials

We've had some friends who've said, 'Hey, who would you use?' and we've said, 'We've got this book.' We've shared Best Pick Reports with friends several times. It's definitely good material.

I keep the book right here by the telephone, and I always refer to it.

We use your book. Best Pick Reports is a great independent service. People call me up all the time asking me about companies because they know I used to be a facilities manager, and I refer them to this book all the time.

To find people who consistently do good work is nearly impossible. Finding out about Best Pick Reports was like a lifesaver.

Everything's good about Best Pick Reports. The feedback gives me a better idea of who to pick based on those past experiences. And that's the best way to find a companyby referral and from someone who's done research on them.

I love Home Reports. It's pretty much my go-to book. Once my mother needed air conditioner work, so I even told her to pick a company out of the Home Reports book. If I'm using a company, it's coming out of Home Reports.

I'm in real estate, and we use Best Pick Reports to give referrals to our clients when they ask for contractors for things they need done. That's one of the books that we go to.

I think the book's great. That's how we found one company we're using, and I intend on using the in the future. It's marvelous. I requested an extra copy for somebody else because I thought it was quite informative. Very helpful for us if we need things like paving, roof, gutters, and stuff like that. That's why I'm keeping it. I'm looking forward to using the book for those things.

If I'm looking for a contractor, I want one that I know has been in this area for a while, not a fly-by-night. These companies will be here if I need to call them down the road. That's a benefit with your book that makes me feel comfortable.

We requested a copy and had it shipped to us. We actually have gone through it many times because we're new, first-time homeowners. It was very helpful for us to have it available right at our fingertips.