Homeowner Testimonials

We like the book very much because we feel like any services that we may need, we've got Best Pick Reports as a reference. We're really happy with it.

Whenever I need a contractor, I call the guys EBSCO Research recommends. I don't keep information from companies themselves, but I always keep Best Pick Reports.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. It was really nice to have a list of possible providers if we needed someone. We're in a new home, and nice it's to have this resource.

I keep the book right here by the telephone, and I always refer to it.

I use it to find out which companies to call. I find the book to be useful. I also think the summaries are really good. They give me a good understanding of what to look for. Quality-wise, I would definitely say that Home Reports is an A.

I think the book's great. That's how we found one company we're using, and I intend on using the in the future. It's marvelous. I requested an extra copy for somebody else because I thought it was quite informative. Very helpful for us if we need things like paving, roof, gutters, and stuff like that. That's why I'm keeping it. I'm looking forward to using the book for those things.

It's nice that you keep your sections fine-tuned with just a couple of providers. Those companies are all going to be top-notch. There's always so many contractors to choose from out there, so I'd rather have somebody with good resources narrow it down for me. Then I can just grab a couple that are the top-notch ones and go from there. That's what I like about Best Pick Reports.

We love the Best Pick Reports book. We use you for everything. It helps reduce our choices, which is great, especially when you're busy and you have a two-year-old at home. It gives you some options, but you still feel safe no matter which one you pick. Keep your books coming.

To find people who consistently do good work is nearly impossible. Finding out about Best Pick Reports was like a lifesaver.

It's easy to navigate through and find contractors. It's the kind of book you need in a hurry when you need it, and all the information is clear and well-organized.