Homeowner Testimonials

Whenever I need a contractor, I call the guys EBSCO Research recommends. I don't keep information from companies themselves, but I always keep Best Pick Reports. The book has been so helpful.

Best Pick Reports was heaven-sent. The report had much better descriptions than any online services. I rate it an A+; it was great, and it really has saved us.

We like the book, because it's well organized. I can tell a lot of work goes into making this book. When you go online, you can find 50,000 plumbers who all do the same kinds of work, and you can't tell which ones are better than others. Best Pick Reports is quality over quantity; all of the companies in it are solid.

I write my notes about companies on the book. I find Best Pick Reports to be really helpful, especially in a place like Northern Virginia. Here, you may not know your neighbors; you may only know your colleagues, and they may not live anywhere near you. It's helpful to have something that gives you information for the specific area where you live.

I use your guide, and I find to be very useful. Since I got Best Pick Reports, I go directly to that if I need any work because it just seems like there's a lot of data behind the recommendations, and it's objective.

I actually used your Best Pick Reports to choose some folks. I'm happy about it. By and large, Best Pick Reports is like a free version of those recommendation services you have to pay for; that the way I perceive it. I will continue to use this book.

It's easy to navigate through and find contractors. It's the kind of book you need in a hurry when you need it, and all the information is clear and well-organized.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. It was really nice to have a list of possible providers if we needed someone. We're in a new home, and nice it's to have this resource.

My husband checks Best Pick Reports before we do any work; in fact, he's keeping it for future use. We find it to be a good resource.

Best Pick Reports is like my security blanket. I know if I need something, it's there.