Homeowner Testimonials

I like Best Pick Reports better than online referral services because they list local companies that are actually in my community.

For most things I'm pretty self-sufficient, but I keep a copy of the Home Reports book around just in case. It's a help. When it comes to high-dollar items and work, it's an important thing to have because you need to hire a company you can trust.

I use Best Pick companies a lot, and it's been brilliant. Every contractor I got out of the book has been really good.

It's easy to navigate through and find contractors. It's the kind of book you need in a hurry when you need it, and all the information is clear and well-organized.

I like Best Pick Reports. I gave a copy to a friend also. It's good to get this book because we all need services donewe just didn't know where to look.

I think Home Reports is a very valuable resource. Many people have rated all of those companies, so it's a great reference.

I think it's awesome. I've used it, and I thought it was great, especially since the recommendations are based off other peoples' referrals and experiences in our area.

Best Pick Reports was heaven-sent. The report had much better descriptions than any online services. I rate it an A+. It was great, and it really has saved us.

I got my contractor's name out of Best Pick Reports. I'm very pleased. I would use it over and over again. I love that book; it was very helpful.

I absolutely think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool. I left the book for the people who purchased our home and told them, 'This is a good resource,' since they're new to the area. We had very good luck with the contractors we used from there.