Homeowner Testimonials

I got my contractor's name out of Best Pick Reports. I'm very pleased. I would use it over and over again. I love that book; it was very helpful.

I think it's good for this area because you're always looking for good-quality recommendations for companies you can trust.

I've read my copy pretty much from front to back. I think it's really helpful. Obviously, the references for the particular companies were helpful. Also, the section at the beginning of each chapter that tells you about what you should be doing to maintain your home was extremely helpful. I appreciated the explanations of things you need to be doing on an annual basis or semi-annual basis for your home because some of the work we'd never gotten done on our house.

I appreciate getting Best Pick Reports. I keep it, and I have it on hand in case I need something done. Otherwise, I would have no idea. I wouldn't have anywhere to go from to choose a contractor.

I keep the book right here by the telephone, and I always refer to it.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. It was really nice to have a list of possible providers if we needed someone. We're in a new home, and nice it's to have this resource.

I used to have an online service where I paid them for references for people when you need your gutters cleaned and so on, similar to your references. And I had joined the service and submitted the payment to them online, when I saw your book. I said, 'What is this?' My husband says, 'It looks like the same thing we just signed up for.' I looked through it, and the book gave me the recommendations, and I said, 'Wow. This is interesting.' I immediately called the online company and cancelled my subscription. It's really nice to have Best Pick Reports because the book contained everything I needed. You get input from local people to comprise your ratings.

Everything's good about Best Pick Reports. You had good ratings in there and good feedback from people that've used the companies. It gives me a better idea of who to pick based on those past experiences. And that's the best way to find a companyby referral and from someone who's done research on them.

I have used Best Pick Reports. There's just a few entries in each category, and the people you put in there are really goodkeep it small and simple. Quality is the key. Perfect.

What I like about the book is that I think it saves me a lot of steps. I feel that if you've got a company in there, they're probably worth using, and I don't have to do so much legwork on checking around for contractors.