Homeowner Testimonials

Best Pick Reports helped me. I keep that book. It was because of the book that I found my contractor. If it wasn't for Best Pick Reports, I wouldn't know who to contact. It's helpful for me.

I use the book, and I appreciate it. It's where I got my roofer. I'm very impressed with Best Pick Reports, and I'll continue using it. I recommend other folks to use it, and I've referred people to companies found in your book.

We definitely keep our copy of Best Pick Reports. We've pulled the book out when we needed things done. I feel it's helpful. It's a place to find what we're looking for.

Whenever I need a contractor, I call the guys EBSCO Research recommends. I don't keep information from companies themselves, but I always keep Best Pick Reports.

We have the book in my kitchen cabinet, and I keep it exactly where it is because we referred to it. We're very appreciative of that book. I like the service Best Pick Reports provides, having other customers saying what the company did for them.

I have the book, and I use it. I'll be using it again soon to find a waterproofer. I like the fact that companies can't pay to be in the recommendations. I trust Best Pick Reports, and I like having it.

I love this book; I get all of my workers out of it. Whenever I have a home problem, I go to Best Pick Reports first. I didn't use the book to find a lawn service, and I've regretted it.

It's a really great list of companies. I use Best Pick Reports, and that's how I got so many great referrals.

I appreciate getting Best Pick Reports. I keep it, and I have it on hand in case I need something done. Otherwise, I would have no idea. I wouldn't have anywhere to go from to choose a contractor.

I just moved here, so I don't really know too many companies out here yet. We've used a couple people out of your book, and we've been very impressed with all of them, very happyroofers, sprinklers, and others too. We're very impressed with everybody out of this book.