Homeowner Testimonials

When I did my first run through for heating and air work, I just called everybody that was in the book and dealt exclusively with those folks. I will refer to the book again if I run into a project that I can't handle on my own, like pretty soon here when I redo my driveway. It's a nice way cut through all the garbage and get a nice batch of people to start with.

I would give Best Pick Reports an A. It is a really good resource, and we look forward to getting the new edition each year.

It's nice that you keep your sections fine-tuned with just a couple of providers. Those companies are all going to be top-notch. There's always so many contractors to choose from out there, so I'd rather have somebody with good resources narrow it down for me. Then I can just grab a couple that are the top-notch ones and go from there. That's what I like about Best Pick Reports.

I am grateful for the book. It's so helpful for us when we're looking for reputable people. We are new to the area, so it was hard to know who to choose, and this book gave us a great place to start.

I can tell a lot of work goes into making this book. When I go online, I can find 50,000 plumbers, and I can't tell which ones are better than others. Best Pick Reports is quality over quantity; the companies in it are solid.

What I like about the book is that I think it saves me a lot of steps. I feel that if you've got a company in there, they're probably worth using.

Everything's good about Best Pick Reports. You had good ratings in there and good feedback from people that've used the companies. It gives me a better idea of who to pick based on those past experiences. And that's the best way to find a companyby referral and from someone who's done research on them.

The report and the recommendations are excellent, I think. I've even shared it with my neighbors.

Best Pick Reports is awesome. The book is how we found our HVAC company, and I find it very, very useful

I've used Best Pick Reports for so long that, for the most part, I've already picked my favorite companies, but each year I look back through it to confirm that these companies are still good. I find it very useful.