Homeowner Testimonials

I'll be using Best Pick Reports for all the work I need done. I use it, and I love it.

I absolutely think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool. I left the book for the people who purchased our home and told them, 'This is a good resource,' since they're new to the area. We had very good luck with the contractors we used from there.

I keep a copy at home and at the office. I would give the book an A grade. I think it's great.

Best Pick Reports is awesome. The book is how we found our HVAC company, and I find it very, very useful

I look at the book very frequently these days, and it's always been helpful. It gives me great ideas about who to talk to if we run into something or we need some help.

We have used the Best Pick book very faithfully. I felt like it gave us quality contractors to deal with, rather than having to go with whoever I happened to find a phone listing for. The whole experience of using the book was great. Best Pick Reports is invaluable.

Best Pick Reports is a good source. It beats just randomly trying to go through a phone book or the computer. I like the idea that people can't pay to be recommended. It's a good book, and I've used it.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. It was really nice to have a list of possible providers if we needed someone. We're in a new home, and nice it's to have this resource.

I used to have an online service where I paid them for references. When I saw your book, I immediately called the online company and cancelled my subscription. It's really nice to have Best Pick Reports because the book contained everything I needed. You get input from local people to comprise your ratings.

That's where I started calling my people from. It's been very helpful, and I like the comments from other folks. If it's me, and I'm looking for a contractor, I want one that I know has been in this area for a while. These companies will be here if I need to call them down the road. That's a benefit with your book that makes me feel comfortable.