Homeowner Testimonials

I most definitely feel it is a good resource for the area. It's great to go to when I need things done. I was pleased to get my copy. The book gives me more of an option to go out and try to contract with people for things that I would like to have done.

I like Best Pick Reports because the contractors are organized by area, and I like calling people in my own area. I have definitely been pleased with your book.

I've read my copy pretty much from front to back. It was extremely helpful. I appreciated the explanations of things you need to be doing on an annual basis or semi-annual basis for your home because some of the work we'd never gotten done.

Your report's sort of my go-to book; it's helpful to me. It's well organized, and I have used your recommendations for basically everything. The guys that are in Best Pick Reports are the guys with the best reputations.

I think it's awesome. I've used it, and I thought it was great, especially since the recommendations are based off other peoples' referrals and experiences in our area.

It's nice that you keep your sections fine-tuned with just a couple of providers. Those companies are all going to be top-notch. There's always so many contractors to choose from out there, so I'd rather have somebody with good resources narrow it down for me. Then I can just grab a couple that are the top-notch ones and go from there. That's what I like about Best Pick Reports.

I used one of the people you recommended for paving. And I probably wouldn't have reached out to them if it weren't for your report; I'm very happy. I appreciate the help Best Pick Reports gives me.

I really appreciate Best Pick Reports doing this. You're really trying to make sure the people you recommend are good folks. I can have more confidence that when I call a contractor, it's not somebody who's just paying to get their name in. That's great.

It gives local homeowners a review of people who have done work in the area. It's kind of a quick snapshot into a lot of the contractors out there. I like it a lot. There are lots of people in those industries, so Best Pick Reports streamlines making a choice a lot quicker than just trying to go through a phone book.

I'll be using Best Pick Reports for all the work I need done. I use it, and I love it.