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Style Roofing, Inc.

6th year as a Best Pick

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"We are a family-owned-and-operated business. The company is owned by a local, lifelong resident. Our philosophy at Style Roofing is that quality doesn't cost—it pays."

William "Bill" Rafferty | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Style Roofing offers residential roof replacement services along with window replacement and siding installation.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not perform roof repairs.
  • Warranty
    Style Roofing offers a full warranty on labor and materials for all roof replacements.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Style Roofing is a CertainTeed ShingleMaster and an EcoStar Gold Star Authorized Applicator.
  • Company History
    The family company was founded in 1992 by William Rafferty. His brother, Nick, runs sales; his father, Billy, drives trucks for the business; and his wife, Maria, helps in the office.
  • Employee Information
    Employees drive vehicles with the Style Roofing logo, and most have been with Style Roofing for over ten years.
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The people at Style Roofing were excellent. They did the job when they said they were going to do it, they did it for the price they quoted, and they used the stuff they said they were going to use. They cleaned up everything when they were done. Now I have a nice, new roof, and I'm happy with it. It was a good experience. They replaced the entire roof on this house and an 80-foot walkway that goes to a garage, the garage roof, my woodshed's roof, and my shop's roof. I probably chose them because of my wife. We had several companies that came here and gave us a pitch on this and that. The guy from Style Roofing impressed us, so we chose him. I would give them a very good grade. We called several people, and they came over with their fancy brochures and clean clothes and said, 'We're going to sell you this roof.' They were all polite and nice. Then, when the guy from Style Roofing came here, he turned a page in his little book and showed us a picture of this really nice-looking house with a beautiful roof on it. He said, 'That's my house. That's where I live.' I said, 'That's a darn nice-looking house.' Somehow, it personalized the whole thing, and that was a nice selling point.
Style Roofing delivered whatever they promised to do, and they were flexible when we changed the schedule around. They came to clean the top of the roof. Some of the stuff I think they handled pretty well. They got the job done. They did a roof installation. The job was to take off the roof and put a new roof back on. I chose them because they have good references. I saw the work they did on my neighbor's house, and I was impressed with how quickly they came to take care of a small thing with the roof without too much inconvenience. Overall, the team has a lot of that, and they did all they could get done within the shortest period of time. I witnessed how they did my neighbor's place, so I thought they could do the job for me as well. I'd give them the highest grade.
We did work with Style Roofing, and they were excellent. We had worked with them previously and had a good experience with them years ago, so I offered to help my friend get his roof replaced. We chose them because of the previous experience. I'd call them an A+ company.
The employees at Style Roofing were efficient and clean, and I thought they did a great job. They did a new roof for me. I chose them because they were highly recommended. The workers who repaired my roof were absolutely courteous and efficient. They earned an A.
Style Roofing was on time, and they did an excellent job and cleaned up nicely before they left. The folks that worked on the house were very personable. They did a full roof replacement. We did actually have another company in mind, but their response to us was slow. We had three people come out, and the one that we originally picked didn't respond back to us. We went back to Style Roofing, and we have actually come to find out we should have gone with them to begin with. They deserve an A.
Style Roofing was great. First of all, I thought they were very honest when they came out. They didn't try to sell me things I didn't need. As a matter of fact, I asked a salesman a question, and he said, 'You don't need that. I think that's a waste of money for you. You can do something cheaper.' You don't usually hear that from someone who comes out to your house. They were very straightforward. They came when they said they were going to come, and they finished when they said they were going to finish. They cleaned up after themselves. Their workers are really very good and conscientious. It was done really well. They did a full roof replacement. We have a 3000-square-foot house, and it took one day. I had three different companies come out before them, and I felt that Style Roofing was very honest and very straightforward. I knew what I was getting. I also like to use local companies, not real big companies that have places all over. My husband also liked them. My husband saw two of the three companies that came out, and he really liked Style Roofing. I'd give them an A+, and I'm a very picky person.
Style Roofing gets an A+ twice. First of all, I had five other contractors come to the house, and they were the only company that showed up with a list of references. He was the only one that listened to everything I had to say and had a response to all my concerns. His workers were as polite and as professional as you could ever find men to be. It took a day and a half to do my roof. At the end of the first day when they left the work site, you would think they'd never started. It was that clean. They even had a guy who went around and picked up the pieces as the roofers were taking the old shingles off. My car was parked out in the street, and I had a plastic cup in my hand. As I was walking across the street, I dropped the cup accidentally. Some guy comes flying off the roof down a ladder and says, 'Sir, let me pick that up for you.' Where do you get that kind of service on this planet in this day? You don't get any better than that.
They did a really good job—they were professional. They put on a new roof, and I think they should get an A.
Style Roofing did work for me in the past. I think they deserve an A.
I liked that the people from Style Roofing were timely and on schedule, and I think they did a good job. They replaced a roof for me. I found them through a word-of-mouth recommendation—that's why I chose them. They get an A from me.

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