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Echols Home Improvements

18th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

Our employees make the difference. The crews are in-house, know what they're doing, and are supervised every day. Our sales approach is low key and simple: 'Here is a fair price using the best materials and workmen, and we'll keep every promise we make.'

Mark Ashe | President

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta, Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County

  • Services Offered
    Echols Home Improvements performs a variety of home improvements, including roof replacement and repair. Echols also offers carpentry repair, exterior home painting, siding and gutter installation, window and door replacement, deck repair and rebuilding, attic insulation, and light commercial roofing. The company charges a $20 fee for carpentry repair bids and offers free estimates on all other types of work.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Echols is a CertainTeed ShingleMaster and a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Roofing installation crews are factory-certified through GAF and CertainTeed manufacturers' trainings and are supervised by an on-site foreman.
  • Company History
    Frank Echols founded the company in 1960, and it is currently run by Frank's stepson, Mark Ashe, who began working for Echols in 1973.
  • Additional Information
    The company states that some crews have been with Echols for over 20 years.

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I'm very familiar with them. I highly recommend them. I first became familiar with them several years ago, when they put a roof on my house, and since then, they have been the ones to paint my house and sign it out. I had to call them back a few years later, after the warranty on the roof had expired, because I had a flashing issue on the chimney, and they have been very, very good people to deal with. They are definitely ones I recommend to friends that anybody that needs that type of work done. Their customer service is excellent, and I'll give an example. When they did the roofing, I have two very tall vases on my front stoop that are about three or four feet tall, and one of their workers actually broke one of them. Echols, already before they even started any work, had already taken pictures all around the house, they had seen actual vases out there—replaced it and no problems asked, just told me to go, get replacements of what I wanted, and they paid for the bill. That's good customer service. Also, I had a situation, once again, while they're doing the roof, the way the gutters were set up on my house that a nail after a rainstorm got flushed out, it went across my driveway, and I didn't know it. I got a nail in one of my tires, and that was on my way out of town for a business trip. When I found out where the nail came from, I told the roofer, and once again, they replaced it, the cost of my tire, nothing, no issues, no whole bunch of running back and forth, it was done. I'd give them an A+.
We did have Echols do it, and they did a fantastic job. It was a replacement of a skylight. In the process, he went ahead and checked the roof, which they had put on several years ago. That's why we called them in the first place—because they did such a great job then. We were really pleased. We just had a skylight that was leaking in the second floor, they came and fixed it, and we're all good. They did a great job. They would be an A grade.
I had Echols do my roof. They did an excellent job. I would give them an A. I got Echols from one of the Best Pick Reports books.
I had used them in the past, and they were one of a couple of roofers that I got proposals on to do an entire roof. I have not done that roof work yet. I've been extremely pleased with their work. They've done work for me before that I really liked. That's why I called them to get a proposal to do the complete replacement. I particularly like their technician. His name is Chad, and I found him very easy to talk with. I would give them an A.
They were fixing my roof. A nail was punching the wrong way into it. They were punctual and honest, seemed to have a lot of integrity, and I was pleased with it. They had excellent customer service. I would give them an A.
Echols replaced the roof on our house, and they did a very nice job. They did what they said they'd do, and the roof doesn't leak. I think the customer service was excellent. It was very good. It was a big job. They did the whole roof. The house is about 50 years old, and the roof had been on there about 25 years. They did the whole roof. I'd give them an A. We are probably going to have some painting done on the outside of the house this summer, and I will call Echols. The gentleman from Echols that we dealt with said that they do that kind of work also, and I'll call them when we get ready to do that.
I have a roofing company. I haven't used them for a while, but I like them. It's Echols Roofing. They've done a couple of roofs for me. They replaced the roof. They were good. They came out, got the work done, cleaned up nicely, and were very cooperative. If you have a little question or something you wanted checked on, they'd come right back out and check it. Never had an issue. I would give them an A+.
I've used Echols for some roofing. They said not to worry about the foundation work because it was probably like that from the day it got poured. I just liked the honesty. They do a variety of stuff. They did some roofing issues and also looked at the foundation. They just did some patchwork. I'd give them an A.
They were quick and efficient, and that's all I needed. They fixed my fascia on the roof. I'd give them an A.
They did the roofing work. It's very good. I was very pleased. They deserve an A.

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