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Curtis Specialized Moving & Storage

6th year as a Best Pick

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"Our attitude is 'no one wants to make the customer happier than we do.' From top to bottom, we distinguish ourselves through our superior training and expertise, comprehensive analysis of the customer's objectives, and extraordinary customer service with fair, transparent, and fully disclosed pricing details."

Jamie Furrate | President & Owner

Areas Served:

Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village

  • Services Offered
    Curtis Specialized Moving & Storage is a moving and climate-controlled storage company operating locally with a nationwide reach. The company offers a full line of services, from furniture receiving and delivery to complete estate relocation. Curtis also installs chandeliers, fine art, and statuary.
  • Company History
    Curtis Wilson founded Curtis Specialized Moving & Storage in 1979 and ran the company until December 2003. Jamie Furrate then took the reins of the company and currently serves as president and owner.
  • Employee Information
    The company states that it hires employees who meet its professional qualifications and are recommended by existing Curtis employees. Prospective employees must also pass background checks and drug testing. To keep furniture free of dirt and spots, the company's movers wear white gloves when handling all upholstered pieces.
  • Licenses
    TxDMV #005884025C, USDOT #547759, MC #479354

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It was a great experience. They were amazing.
They were perfect. I had used them in the past, many years ago. I would say their service was excellent.
They were extremely professional, were on time, and cared for my items as if they were their own. They were a referral from a friend. I would give them an A.
They moved us about a year ago. They were very communicative in their arrival time. They stayed incredibly late to get the job done. It was just what we expected.
They were very timely, professional workers who took care in handling things. I've used them for all my moves, so they're the best movers that I've used in Dallas.
It was 100 percent positive. Their service is excellent. The guy that came out and picked up my stuff and everything else has been top-flight. They were responsive and took care of what I needed, when I needed it. They're delivering my stuff tomorrow, so if anything's screwed up then, I'll call them back. They stored a dining room table, chairs, and a grand piano. They picked it up, stored it, and are bringing it to our new house tomorrow.
They took good care of my things. I think that they're organized, and they do a good job of keeping up with my inventory. I found out about them through personal referrals from friends. They get an A.
I liked everything about them. I've just known about them for a long time because I'm in the real estate business.
The gentleman I did the scheduling with was very professional and helpful, the movers were likewise friendly and professional, and they did a good job. I felt confident they weren't going to break anything or cause issues, but I also felt confident that if something didn't go exactly as planned, they would work to resolve it to our satisfaction. I'm just familiar with them being around town.
I'm very pleased with my experience with them.

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