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Thompson Creek Window Company

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Our goal is always 100 percent total customer satisfaction. We eliminate the middleman by manufacturing the gutter protection system ourselves. We are completely accountable to our customers from initial call to project completion, and it's all backed by 35 years in business and our transferable double-lifetime guarantee.

Rick Wuest | President

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Thompson Creek offers gutter protection systems, siding, and replacement windows and doors. The company custom designs, fabricates, and installs its own seamless gutter system, which is manufactured in its local Maryland factory.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a limited transferable double-lifetime warranty on materials and labor.
  • Awards & Certifications
    In 2015, Thompson Creek Window Company was ranked fifth on Remodeling magazine's list of the 550 largest replacement contractors in the US. Additionally, the company was named a 2014 Dealer of the Year by Window & Door magazine for Excellence in Community Service. Thompson Creek is also an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm.
  • Product Information
    According to Thompson Creek Window Company, its gutter system has a seamless trough that prevents leaks and is guaranteed never to clog or pull away from the home.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #125294

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This was my first time using Thompson Creek. They put new gutters around the house. I liked the work they did, the timeliness of the work, and the fact that they cleaned up afterward. I also liked the quality of the work that was done and the follow-up they did to make sure that I was satisfied. If there were any issues, they would be there to resolve them. There was a concern that was brought up to them in reference to icicles being on the gutters in the wintertime, and they were willing to come out and knock down icicles if that was the case. All I had to do was give them a call. Basically, their customer service was very good. They're an A-grade company.
They did gutters all around the house, and I just like the way they were put up. The workers were friendly, and it was very nice. They cleaned up after themselves after they had done the job. They get an A grade.
I liked that it was quick and organized. Everything was neat, and they were here on time. They did gutter installation all around the house. I would say they're an A-grade company—I have no complaints.
I liked their product, their salesperson, and the people that actually installed the product. They did new gutters in the front. Thompson Creek gets an A.
They showed up on time, and I haven't had to touch my gutters—that's always good. They cleaned up after themselves pretty well. They did a good job, and they left the house in good condition. We have a low house, so we needed the gutters in the front and the back. They're all around the house. They get an A. I didn't have any issues with it.
They were on time, and they stuck to the schedule. I used them for gutters, and it was a good experience. I chose Thompson Creek because I've used them before. They're an A.
They installed gutters. There were two crews, and they called to verify time and set up arrangements. The first crew came in and did their job. The second crew came in and did their job, and then they did a follow-up when they were finished. Somebody referred me to them. I would give them an A.
They'll do what they say, and they clean up after themselves. They put in new gutters, the kind that keeps the leaves out and stuff like that. I also had to have a window installed; it had to be a minimum of three or four, but they were willing to do the job. I believe they put shutters on, too. I didn't have any issues. An A grade would be the way to go with Thompson Creek.
It was great. I liked the quality of work and the quality of all the materials. They replaced some frames under the windows, and they also replaced the gutters with new ones. I think they're an A-grade company.
I had Thompson Creek install windows and doors. I liked the work they did, so I had them come back and install some gutters as well. I liked the care and attention to detail. They made sure that I understood the operation of everything that we had installed, and they were interested in any questions that I had. We just had a really good customer-client relationship. I would say they're an A.

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