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Gutter Perfection, Inc.

12th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

We know our success rests with you, and we value our relationships far more than any one sale. As a full-service gutter company, we offer not only a lifetime, clog-free solution but also regular gutters without any high-pressure sales pitch. We stand by our quality products and offer them at a great price.

Jeff Hayes & David Wade | Co-owners

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta, Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County

  • Services Offered
    Gutter Perfection installs seamless aluminum and copper gutters, available in five- or six-inch and half-round. The company also installs Gutter Umbrella, a heavy-duty solid gutter cover system guaranteed by the company to never clog, or Gutter Perfection will clean it for free. All products are available in more than 20 colors and in copper.
  • Company History
    Since 1997, partners Jeff Hayes and David Wade have served metro Atlanta with trained employee installers. Gutter Perfection does not use subcontractors.
  • Product Information
    The company's gutters and Gutter Umbrella are made of 0.027 gauge aluminum and are installed with unique, patented hidden hangers inside the gutter, designed not to alter the roof. Gutter Umbrella comes with a lifetime transferable, clog-free warranty, and it can be added to existing gutters.

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They replaced the gutters, and it went well. I think we had included some fascia board in the quote and then wound up not needing to replace it, so they gave us a credit for it. I think they wound up doing a little damage to a planter out in front of the house, and they gave us a credit for that, too. Then there was some work where they came back and fixed something extra. They came back, so I appreciated that. I would call them and get them to come back and fix something if I didn't love it. I'd give them an A.
They did a great job. They had to do custom work to all the gutters along the back of our house. They had to do something out of the ordinary to make everything work, and they did a great job of doing that. Gutter Perfection did excellent work—the best.
I used them to install some seamless gutters, and I was very pleased with the job. They were very punctual and very professional. They were in and out in a couple hours. I interviewed about four companies, but I ended up going with Gutter Perfection. Their customer service was excellent, and I had a great experience with them. They get an A grade from me.
Gutter Perfection did the job, and they were excellent. They were professional and thorough, they explained things, and they were neat and tidy. All the gentlemen were very courteous and clean. They put a gutter across the front and put on the gutter guards, too. They just came and did the job. I had other companies out there that wanted to install gargantuan gutters. When the guy from Gutter Perfection came out, I asked him if the gutters needed to be replaced, and he said, 'No, they're fine, except for the one across the front.' It fell down, so that's why I had them out. I got the gutter guards to hopefully prevent all the buildup of leaves in the downspout. They're an A.
Gutter Perfection seemed to do a pretty good job. I hardly even saw them, but they seemed pretty friendly. I did stop in while they were installing the gutters. They were pretty quick. I'm not a gutter perfectionist, and I don't know a lot about them, but they're still on the roof. I think they've been up for about a month, and nothing looks bad. The workers were quick and on time, and they seemed to do quality work. I would give them an A.
They did my gutters last year. They did a replacement all the way around, and it was an excellent experience. The estimate was accurate, the work was done really well, and the color matched up. They gave me ideas that I wouldn't have known about with regards to the drain. They get an A.
I had the job done by Gutter Perfection. I liked the promptness of the work. They came out and gave me a price, and they did the job. They do great work. I'd give them an excellent grade.
They replaced the gutters in my house. They showed up on time, they were very clear and answered all my questions, and they offered a lifetime warranty with their work. The woman who was the salesperson was very personable and very knowledgeable. The work was done when they said it was going to be done, and the quote was accurate. I think I found them in the Best Pick Reports. Gutter Perfection is A+.
They got the work done. I wasn't there when they did it, but they came at the right appointment time, and it was fine. I'd give them an A+.
Every experience was positive. I like that they're personal and prompt and that they do the job well the first time. I had an addition built on, so they had to connect the gutters and put new gutters on the new addition. I chose them because I used them when I changed my gutters initially a couple years back. I got them through the Best Pick Reports the first time, and I liked the work that they did. They get an A from me.

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