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Lindemann Home Services

7th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"We have been a leader in the area for many years and continue to set the standards in our industry. We've gained a reputation for excellence in our service area and have become a recognized name in Chicago."

Rob Lindemann | President

Areas Served:

Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Lindemann Home Services has been providing professional gutter cleaning and a variety of other home services for 46 years. The company's gutter cleaning service features year-round appointments and thorough cleanup. According to Lindemann Home Services, the company's workers can also complete most gutter repairs on the spot.
  • Warranty
    Lindemann Home Services offers a 100 percent total satisfaction guarantee on all services and products.
  • Company History
    Lindemann Home Services is a division of Lindemann Chimney Service, a family-owned business that has served Chicagoland homeowners since 1969.
  • Employee Information
    Lindemann's employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.

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Everything was great. The guy that I worked with is great, and everything was fixed. It was a really nice experience.
I did have a good experience with them, and they did a good job.
It was fine; he was good. The man was really nice; he was a very nice man. He did a good job. He was fine, and we were happy with them.
I like them very much.
I wasn't even home when they came, but they did a good job as far as I can tell.
Lindemann Home Services cleaned our gutters in the fall. It was a positive experience because of the speed with which they did it and the fact that we don't have to climb up there and do it anymore. I would use them again. They're an A+ company.
The people from Lindemann Home Services were confident, they did a good job, and the customer service was terrific. They did the job well. I'd give them an A.
Lindemann Home Services cleaned our gutters. Making an appointment with them was super easy, and I would tell others that they can expect reliability and quality from the company. They've earned an A+ grade.
Everything about Lindemann Home Services was good across the board. I would recommend the company, and I'd give them an A rating.
Lindemann Chimney has always done our gutters, and it's been great. I have used them four or five times—it's a good experience. I would give them an A+ grade.

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