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"We cover malfunctioning outlets to panel replacements and everything in between. You can be sure only the best electricians will come to your home. Our focus is on your safety, the protection of your home, and a permanent solution to your electrical issues with a no-risk, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Give us a try and see for yourself."

Ed Valot | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Universal Home Experts specializes in home electrical service and repair, including outlet, circuit, and breaker panel repairs. The company also performs diagnostics and troubleshooting of all types, with diagnostic tools including a system that helps identify internal wiring damage sustained after lightning strikes or power surges.
Universal Home Experts offers a five-year parts-and-labor warranty on most items and a ten-year warranty on panel and main electrical service replacements.
Company History
Universal Home Experts is a family-owned-and-operated business that has served the greater Houston area since 1992. Founder Ed Valot has over 25 years of home service experience.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and name tags, undergo background checks and drug testing, and arrive in bright purple-and-yellow vans.
TECL 17525
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 444 homeowner reviews:
“Universal Home Experts was very courteous and professional, and they did a good job. They did electrical work, and the work was excellent. Without a doubt, I'd give them an A.”
“The electrician was extremely knowledgeable. He came out and knew exactly what was needed, ordered the part, and got the thing up and running. I'd give the overall experience an A+.”
“They worked on our power outlet. I was extremely satisfied with everything they've done. They're A across the board. I have already recommended them.”
“Universal was on time and super professional, and I always knew what they were doing. They did electrical work. I would give them an A, overall.”
“The electrician was helpful, honest, and efficient—A+.”
“They had excellent customer service. They did an electrical outlet installation. I'd give them an A overall.”
“They did the lights in the kitchen. I really liked him and it was great. I'd give them the highest score.”
“They did excellent work with no complaints. They did electrical work.”
“They did some electrical work for us. They were awesome. I think they were very professional, and well dressed. They did a quote for me for several large jobs. They kind of broke the quotes down individually, so I understood what each one of them would cost. Then I was able to choose what my budget would allow. They were very polite and very clean. I would say they get an A for the experience.”
“The particular person that came here was very friendly and very thorough. I couldn't say enough good things about him. He was very personable, and he knew what he was doing. I was totally pleased with the whole thing. He told me how to prevent what had happened from happening again. He went out of his way, so I was very pleased and I've never had to contact an electrical person before at all. So I feel like I know who to call next time I need that kind of help. I'd give them an A very definitely. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. If someone said, 'who would you call,' I'd say call Universal. It's what I'd tell 'em because occasionally you get asked that kind of question, 'Do you know anybody?', and I say, 'Sure.' As a matter of fact, while the guy was here, I went across the street to my neighbor, and she said, 'I did that and it was this same company that put mine in too.' They had the same service that I had been getting. I would recommend them to anybody. To be honest, I don't know about whoever their other people are. I'm sure they have more than one electrician that they send out, but the one that they sent to me was just outstanding. If they have that kind of employees working for them throughout their company they're in really good shape.”