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Ayoub Carpet Service (ACS)

6th year as a Best Pick

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"When it comes to carpet and rug care, 'Nobody does it better.' Since 1952, we have been one of the most recognized cleaning companies in the area, restoring thousands of carpets and rugs a year while developing relationships that have lasted decades. We work diligently to make your carpet, rugs, and textiles look new again."

Daniel Ayoub | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Ayoub Carpet Service offers a full range of services, including state-of-the-art hot water extraction for residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, hand-washing of Oriental rugs in its custom-designed plant, Oriental rug repair, and tile and hardwood cleaning. The company also sells and installs carpet, rugs, and flooring.
  • Specializations
    In addition to its child- and pet-safe "green" cleaning services, Ayoub specializes in odor and stain removal, carpet restretching, rug reweaving, and dye migration repair for Oriental rugs.
  • Company History
    Ayoub was founded in 1952 in Arlington, Virginia. It is located today in Chantilly, Virginia, with a recent expansion to a second location in Falls Church, Virginia, and is operated by the third generation of the founding family.
  • Additional Information
    Ayoub offers a money-back guarantee on all cleaning services.

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I had Ayoub clean my carpets. I like them because their staff is friendly, they're clean, and they don't smell of cigarette smoke. They're very helpful in both picking the carpet up, putting it back again, and making sure everything is the way it's supposed to be. They do a nice job cleaning it. I've used them several times before for maybe five or six years. They clean my carpets downstairs, and they do a wonderful job at that. They're very good.
We used Ayoub Carpet Service. We took a rug to them, and we had them clean it. Our initial experience wasn't good, but they resolved it. I would give them an A because they were awesome at resolving the one small issue. We had a wool rug cleaned, and when it came back, it looked frayed. So, they picked it back up, shaved off the frayed portion, and brought it back.
They cleaned a six-foot by nine-foot area rug. They worked quickly and did a good job.
They cleaned a large area rug and assessed the repair of a worn area. They kept to the appointed time frame and the carpet was cleaned well, and they were courteous and polite when returning the rug.
ACS cleaned expensive area rugs. They show up, carry it out, clean it perfectly, and bring it back in a week or so.
Ayoub cleaned eight rugs; Ayoub also picked up and returned the rugs. First and foremost, the rugs were well cleaned when we received them. The pickup and drop-off crews were friendly, professional, and prompt. They took care to note the work required on each rug and offered to help move some furniture back into place when picking up and dropping off the rugs. I truly appreciated the good impression that Ayoub's crew left.
They did wool carpet cleaning. It was fast service and excellent care.
They cleaned an Oriental rug. The men who picked up and delivered the rug were polite and courteous. They placed the rug expertly. The rug came back clean and fresh. The work was done in a reasonable period of time. They took the rug to the plant to clean it.
Ayoub took all of our Persian rugs and Chinese rugs and repaired and cleaned them. Ayoub was punctual and reliable, and they did an excellent job.
They cleaned and repaired Oriental carpets. It was great service, and the work was excellent.

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