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"Majestic is focused on making sure our customers are happy. For over three generations, we've accomplished that through coordination, fair pricing, reliable technicians, and dependable follow-up. We pride ourselves on having great reviews and a great deal of referral business, which speaks volumes about our work ethic."

Rod & Teri Pine | Co-owners
Company Information
Services Offered
Majestic Air Conditioning installs and repairs a wide variety of HVAC equipment, such as air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats, and air purifiers. The company also installs Nexia home automation and remote monitoring technology and provides semiannual inspections and tune-ups.
Majestic offers a variety of product warranties and a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The company is a third-generation, family-owned-and-operated business.
Majestic employs NATE-certified technicians and is an independent Trane Comfort Specialist and Trane dealer.
Employee Information
Prospective employees must pass background checks and drug testing. Majestic states that all technicians must have at least three years of experience before servicing customers' homes or offices.
Areas Served
North Houston Suburbs
A selection of 283 homeowner reviews:
“Majestic did a great job, and everything works really well. I would give them an A+. Everything was perfect.”
“I always found them very professional, and every one of their techs I've talked to was very informative. I have them do seasonal maintenance, and they repaired a small electrical part also. They're fast, efficient, and I'm happy with everything they've done. I would definitely give them an A+.”
“They get all A+'s from me. They did heating and air conditioning work for me, and they were wonderful.”
“They did a great job. They knew exactly what the problem was and took care of it. Majestic was great.”
“I bought a new house, and they did an inspection of the air conditioning system. I was impressed—A.”
“They gave me feedback and explained what they did in detail, so that's always a plus. They did maintenance on my A/C unit. I'd give them an 'excellent' rating.”
“Overall, it was excellent no complaints. They did A/C work.”
“They did everything I needed them to do. I wasn't there for the service, but my wife was. It was great. My air conditioner drain pan overfilled because it was clogged up. Of course, I unclogged it, but there was something in there that wasn't working. They identified my high and low because I've got two air conditioners. They get an A.”
“Their customer service is excellent, and the people who came out are really good. They installed a new unit for me. I'd give them an A rating.”
“I had a positive experience all around. They did an excellent job as. We don't live in the home anymore, but we were preparing for sale. They installed a new evaporator. I'd give them an A grade.”