The Best Pick Guarantee®

We've Got You Covered!


Are you less than satisfied with the work of a Best Pick company?

The Best Pick Guarantee offers a path to a positive outcome by covering the cost of labor on projects performed by Best Pick companies—up to $2,500.

To be fully eligible for the Best Pick Guarantee, you must:

  1. Initially contact the company through Best Pick Reports,, or the Best Pick Mobile App.
  2. Register for the Best Pick Guarantee.
  3. Submit a guarantee claim within 45 days of the final date of service.
  4. Pay the agreed-upon amount for the project in full.
  5. Be willing to allow the company that originally performed the work to resolve the issue.
  6. Seek no other third-party method of restitution or mediation with the company.

If you are in compliance with these terms, please complete the following claim submission form:

Best Pick Guarantee Claim Submission

Please complete the following claim submission form: