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Atlantic Sun Control installs a variety of window films for residential and commercial customers in Northern Virginia, including decorative/privacy films, smash-and-grab protection films, anti-eavesdropping and anti-graffiti films, and sun control films. We are a member of several professional associations, including the International Window Film Association and the Protective Glazing Council. Founded in 1991, we are still owned and operated by Brien Looney and Chris Baccus.

About Virginia Residential Window Tinting Companies

The amount of natural and direct sunlight can be a major selling point when purchasing a home, but the long-term effects of the sun’s UV rays can fade curtains, furniture, electronics, flooring, and other household objects. Northern Virginia window tinting companies have solutions to satisfy every preference and situation imaginable. Homeowners can not only choose the level of shade to block out sunlight but they can also select the color scale from a bronzed tint to the more popular gray tint. Solar window film is a relatively small investment what will lower the monthly cost of energy bills.

There are several questions homeowners can ask solar window film contractors before selecting the right company for the job. Make sure the contractor can explain the care and cleaning process of window film, how the warranty and claim process works, what the installation timeline looks like, and if there are any particular tax incentives attached to their products. Luckily, we’ve found which Northern Virginia window tinting companies have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.