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"Customized waterproofing solution design and up-front installation expectations are the most important benefits of working with Value Dry Waterproofing. You can count on our promise of quality combined with professional workmanship."

James Ketterer | President
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Value Dry focuses on custom basement and crawl space waterproofing solutions. Services provided include custom drainage system design; sump pump and battery backup sump pump installation; vapor barrier installation; crawl space encapsulation, conditioning, and insulation; and basement humidity and air quality control device installation.
Value Dry offers a transferable lifetime warranty against water seepage of treated areas.
Company History
Company president James Ketterer has managed the Northern Virginia office since 2002 and has 14 years of industry experience.
James Ketterer is certified by the Basement Health Association as a Waterproofing Specialist and Egress Specialist. Value Dry is a member of the Basement Health Association (BHA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).
MHIC #126996
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's
A selection of 322 homeowner reviews:
“My experience with Value Dry was absolutely positive. They waterproofed our basement, and they were extremely efficient and matter-of-fact with their plan of action. They told me what they were going to do, came in, and stuck to the plan. They did a fantastic job. I would absolutely give them an A+.”
“It was great. They did new French drains, waterproofed the walls, put in drains for the window wells, and installed a sump pump. They were efficient, they worked hard, and they were up front. They cleaned everything up when they were done. Very, very nice guys. They were excellent overall—A+.”
“There was some dampness on the walls, and they did a great job. They were in and out of here in one day, and they were very nice. I'd rate them as an A+. Value Dry was great.”
“It was excellent work across the board. I'd recommend them.”
“I thought they did a good job. It was excellent, with no complaints. I'm one hundred percent likely to recommend them to someone.”
“The work was excellent across the board. I have no complaints. I'd recommend them.”
“I have no complaints. It was excellent work. I'd very likely recommend them to someone.”
“They did waterproofing for us, and so far it's an A. I have a future job scheduled, but for the job from last year, their grade would be an A+. We've already recommended them to others.”
“It was generally a positive experience. They did waterproofing for my basement. I liked their professionalism. I would probably give them an A.”
“It was a positive experience.”