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"DRYCRETE Waterproofing, Ltd., is backed by over 35 years of experience and a proven track record. We offer guaranteed solutions for leaky basements, and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, having built our reputation on providing professional concrete reparation and restoration services."

Jason Kaye | Owner
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DRYCRETE Waterproofing specializes in performing basement waterproofing services for residential customers. In addition to repairing foundation cracks, the company repairs and installs interior and exterior drainage systems such as French drains and sump pumps. DRYCRETE also installs dehumidifiers and offers free estimates.
DRYCRETE offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The company was founded in 1978.
Additional Information
DRYCRETE offers the PumpSpy Sump Pump Monitoring System, a 24-hour remote monitoring system that will alert homeowners of sump pump failure.
HIC 183209
Areas Served
Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, MetroWest South
A selection of 78 homeowner reviews:
“I had a very good experience with them. I thought they were the best contractor I've worked with. They installed a perimeter drain in my basement. They were very responsive, and they communicated well. They walked me through options. They seemed to do good work and left the house clean. I'd give DRYCRETE an A+.”
“They were totally awesome. They put in a perimeter drain all around the inside of my mother's basement. They were very polite, and they explained everything they were going to do. They worked around my mother's disability. They were just really good all the way around. I'd rate them as an A. I'd absolutely recommend them.”
“I was pleased with them. They did a French drain. The guy I dealt with was terrific—he did a good job. They earned an A. I would recommend them for sure.”
“They did a French drain around the basement. They were very professional. They did everything they said they were going to do, and they were very pleasant do deal with. They were very nice to deal with. I'd give them an A+ for the overall experience.”
“It was in our basement. There were sump pumps and French drains that were installed. I think they did their work carefully and well, and they completed it when they said they would. We have a dry basement for the first time in forty-five years, so that's a good thing. I wouldn't say that there was anything that was particularly noteworthy, but they did a good job. I think I would give them an A for the overall experience.”
“They filled some cracks that were leaking in my basement. They came in. It was a quick and easy estimate. Then they came and did exactly what I needed. It was all straightforward and easy. I'd give them an A.”
“They put a basement drainage system in in my previous home. He was very upfront, very honest, and very easy to work with. You could tell he wasn't kind of shooting me around. They were very clean. They definitely put their business on that. They set up the whole area and were really easy to work with. I'd give them an A, definitely an A. I would definitely recommend them to friends.”
“They fixed a crack in my foundation. It was waterproofing. They were quick, and I guess they did the job correctly. They were great. They were quick to respond. I'd give them an A. I'd be very likely to recommend them.”
“They installed an interior French drain. They showed up on time. They did what they said. They finished on time, on budget, and Jason was great to deal with. I had no problems at all. I'd give them an A for sure.”
“I had two very positive experiences. They're absolutely an A+. They were prompt, and they were flexible. There was one day when we had something scheduled with them, and then we figured out that the weather would be literally two inches of rain an hour, so we called them proactively and asked them if it would be better to do it tomorrow. They were able to do that. They were able to swap with a job that they had elsewhere that happened to be interior, so it worked out as well for them as it did for us. They're very communicative, and the quality of the work was fabulous. Jason, as a project manager or sort of the face point of the company, is very approachable and willing to answer questions. We picked his brain about other thoughts that we may have down the line, and we enjoyed him very much. They did one minor thing in that they sealed a crack for us for in our foundation, but the larger thing was that we were noticing what water was pooling in the yard. We had just moved into this home maybe a few years back. Our goal was to get the drain spout to funnel it further away from the house, and so what they did was create sort of an underground network of plumbing to get the drain spouts underground and out to a cul-de-sac or mulch bed further away from the house. With those buried, it makes life a lot easier, both in rainstorms and also in the winter. When we're snowblowing, we're not riding over drain spouts or things like that, breaking it up with snow blower. We're very happy with them, and the water flow has been much improved, and we have no issues. There's one minor one I can think of in our basement, but that's just the function of how our bulkhead is built, unfortunately. I'd give them an A+. We had them twice. We still have two drain spouts above ground that we may bury when we get around to it. These particular drain spouts are close to our driveway, so if we need to bury them, we may need to pull up the driveway, and that may involve some coordination with another vendor. So we'll have to decide when that financially makes sense for us, but they will absolutely get that call.”