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About Boston Sprinkler Systems

Watering the lawn is vital to keeping your grass alive and healthy, but it is not a particularly fun task—especially when it involves dragging hoses all over the yard. A sprinkler system can help make the job much easier

Many homeowners choose to take advantage of the sprinkler system components that can make the system run as efficiently as possible. Timers, in particular, can help reduce water costs because they ensure that the irrigation system runs only when and where it is supposed to. Sensors can be used to prevent the system from watering the lawn during or following a rain shower or when temperatures are so cold that the spray from the sprinkler heads would create an ice hazard.

Spring and summer are busy seasons for sprinkler system companies. If you need to have an irrigation system installed or serviced, try to arrange for the work to be done in the off-season to avoid possible delays. For more information, contact one of our Best Picks listed below.