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"I knew that buildings were responsible for 71 percent of the USA's greenhouse gases, and I wanted to do more to help leave behind a healthy environment for my children. I could see that demand for solar would grow as electricity costs continued to rise and more people became aware that going solar would reduce their utility bills."

Geoff Mirkin | CEO
Company Information
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Solar Energy World provides customized solar panel system design and installation for homeowners.
The company offers varying warranties depending upon the product.
Company History
Founded in 2009, Solar Energy World is a locally owned-and-operated company headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland. Solar Energy World is a subsidiary of parent companies Gleeson Electric and HomeFix Custom Remodeling Corporation, which have provided electrical design, roofing, and home improvement work since 1956 and 1990, respectively.
Employee Information
Field employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo drug testing and background checks.
MHIC #127353, #3265
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's
A selection of 60 homeowner reviews:
“The workmanship, their customer service, and the crew that they sent out to do install the solar panels, was great. You couldn't ask for a nicer group of people. They were very conscientious about making sure that they didn't track anything into the house. They were a high-end contractor. They're an A+ company. I've already recommended them.”
“I thought my salesperson was knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, easy to get in touch with, and not pushy. I enjoyed working with the administrative staff. They helped out with facilitating approval from the HOA, who was not super cooperative. It was a pretty smooth process, even though it was a lengthy process, but that wasn't their fault. They did everything they could do. We purchased the equipment from them, they facilitated the financing for the panels, they did the installation, and they managed the process of getting permits, getting permission, establishing a meter with my power company, etc. There was a lot of different moving parts, and they pretty much managed all of them. I would give them an A-. Expertise was an A for sure.”
“They were friendly, they were honest, and they were on time. They were everything you would want out of a service; it was amazing. They did solar panel installation; it was A+.”
“They were very professional, they were responsive, and the work was done quickly. They did solar panel installation. I'd give them an A. Everything's been great so far. Occasionally, there was a bit of a lag getting here and back, but I didn't see any mess. I've already recommended them a bunch of times. A lot of people ask me, because I'm one of the only people locally who have them up, so I tell them about my experience. I highly recommended Solar Energy World because it was a good experience.”
“Their personnel are very efficient, and very nice to work with. They did solar panel installation. I would give them an A. I think it's very fine quality. And they have very good customer service. I called and always got to speak with someone; and I got a good response. They were terrific.”
“The sales representative was the main reason why I ended up doing the work with the company. He did a thorough job, not only in explaining the solar panels he was selling, but in explaining other people's solar panels as well. He let me know if it was a good fit for me or not a good fit for me. That was definitely great—A+. The quality of work was A+. The customer service was A+. And their punctuality was A+.”
“They were just great with the installation. Everything was great, including the crew they sent out. Everything was as they said they would be. They're A+.”
“The install crew was great. They seemed to be honest, and they took care of everything. They installed about 45 panels, and it was A+. I already have recommended them.”
“Solar Energy World was good; A+. Their quality of work was good, and their customer service was good, too.”
“They did what they said they were going to do. They did an entire solar system. I'd give them an A.”