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"You can count on the team at Siding Depot to satisfy all of your siding, painting, and roofing needs quickly and efficiently. We know how much quality means to you, and we work hard to give you the absolute best on every job. We are ready to serve you with an experienced team of professionals."

Company Information
Services Offered
Siding Depot is a full-service exterior contractor that installs various types of lap, panel, shingle, and vertical siding for residential and commercial customers. The company also installs roofing, windows, and gutters in addition to providing exterior painting services.
Siding Depot provides written product warranties as well as labor warranties.
Company History
The local company was founded in 2015 by professionals with over 20 years of siding and roofing experience.
Siding Depot is a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler.
Employee Information
Employees drive marked vehicles. The company states that it does not hire subcontractors.
Additional Information
Siding Depot carries Timberline, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar products.
Areas Served
Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County
A selection of 68 homeowner reviews:
“Everything was fantastic; I liked everything about their service. I had my whole house re-sided, and they also did painting, gutters, and window work for me. Siding Depot is an A+.”
“They delivered extremely high-quality work, and they were on time. They did exactly what they promised to do. They handled it very professionally, and I am extremely happy. They did several things, but the most important was the siding. They were accommodating. I'd grade my overall experience as an A+.”
“Everyone connected to the whole experience was wonderful. There's nothing to dislike about their service. Siding Depot was wonderful—the project manager, painters, and siding people. I'd give them an A++++. I've already recommended them.”
“I had an excellent experience with them. I liked everything. They did windows, siding, and roofing. I'd give them an A+.”
“They just had good supervision. They put new siding on a building for me. Siding Depot was A+. They were very clean, and they cleaned up every day. They had great customer service. They addressed every problem we had.”
“The sales representative that came out was very friendly and went over all my different options. It was extremely quick when they actually came and performed the work. It was very quick. I had siding replaced on my chimney and then painted. I'd say the overall experience is an A. I have already recommended them.”
“Siding Depot is just friendly. I'm in the service industry, so I know what to expect, and they were professional and very nice. It was actually a small siding job but it was very, very, very, very high up. Even in the rain they came out and took care of it anyway. It wasn't a huge job, but they were very professional about it. I'd give them an A.”
“I like the owner is really nice and handled everything very well. There was good customer service. They did some covering to a deck so they put Hardie plank on top of a structure for a deck, like trim. They painted it and installed gutters. They're A+.”
“Everything was done in a timely manner, and they had great communication. They always kept the area clean and were always on time. Everything that was promised was delivered, plus more. They get ten out of ten for me. They finished it on time as promised. They removed all of the old siding of the house, wrapped it, and fixed all the damaged wood. They installed Hardie plank and painted. The overall experience was A+.”
“I liked their sincerity, truthfulness, hardworking people, and the ethics of work. They were on time, and they are just very straightforward people. I was very pleased with them. They did three walls of siding. They allowed me to do some extra work that should have been done when the house was built, so they were very helpful in allowing me to do that work in between their work. I had painting done after the siding. I would definitely grade the overall experience as A+. I'm very finicky when it comes to the way they do work in the US, but I was very pleased with these people.”