Virginia Shutters

Shutters have also seen a rise in popularity as a residential window treatment. They can be installed in the interior or exterior, adding style and interest both to rooms and the curb view. In addition, shutters can add value when selling a home, since once installed they become a part of the structure.

Shutters can be painted to match any décor and are crafted with or without louvers— though most interior styles are louvered to allow light and air to enter even when the shutters are closed.  Another advantage of shutters is that they offer some protection for windows when they are fully closed. From errant golf balls to flying debris in a windstorm, shutters can defend your windows and prevent the added expense of glass replacement.

Shutters are extremely durable, and many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on them. Shutters also have a significant advantage over curtains in that they require less maintenance. Curtains must be removed and sent out for dry cleaning; shutters, like wood blinds, generally require little more effort than a light wipe. Most wood and faux-wood blinds and shutters can be kept clean with regular, light dusting. For deeper cleaning, use the brush attachment on a standard vacuum cleaner. Gentle, vertical strokes are recommended to clean without damaging the slats. If spot cleaning of a stain is needed, a soft cloth or sponge with lukewarm water should be all that is required. Most manufacturers do not recommend cleaning wood blinds and shutters with standard cleaning solutions, as they can be harsh and strip the finish from the slats. In addition, wood blinds should never be immersed in water for cleaning.