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Founded in 1991, Atlas Glass & Mirror provides customers with custom mirrors and shower doors and enclosures. Our additional services include installing glass in sunrooms, replacing antique and decorative glass, and installing replacement windows. We offer complimentary estimates and 24-hour service in emergencies.

About Boston Shower Doors and Mirrors Companies

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your bathroom or add an eye-catching design element to your home, a new glass fixture can provide a beautiful and functional solution. A glass shower door will keep your bathroom dry without shutting out the light, and a well-placed mirror can make a simple but effective decoration.

Shower door contractors offer both framed and frameless glass shower doors. Framed shower doors consist of a thin, light pane of glass sealed into an aluminum frame; these doors are generally the most affordable. Frameless doors, which are thicker and more durable than those with frames, can help your bathroom seem more spacious and are available in a greater variety of designs. Mirrors with or without frames also come in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and styles, and installing a mirror can make your home seem larger and brighter or add a creative focal point to any room.

It’s very important to make sure that your glass fixtures are installed properly. Mirrors of different sizes and weights require different installation procedures, and a correctly affixed mirror will be less likely to fall and cause a hazardous mess. You can also lower the risk of a dangerous broken glass situation by installing tempered glass shower doors, which are strengthened during the tempering process. Get in touch with a Best Pick shower door and mirror installer to make sure that your new glass fixtures are installed correctly by skilled, knowledgeable contractors.