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"As a family-owned-and-operated roofing contractor, we are focused on providing an excellent experience based on reliability and integrity. We understand that protecting your investments with dependable materials requires your comfort with and confidence in the contractor you choose. Our goal is to exceed your expectations."

Rick Gutierrez | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Residential Concerns Construction & Renovations provides the repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation of a variety of roof types, including slate, metal, tile, wood shake, copper, synthetic, composite, asphalt shingle, and flat roofs, for residential and commercial customers. The company also performs roof inspections.
Minimum Job
A $375 job minimum is required.
Residential Concerns offers various warranties depending on the work performed.
Company History
The family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1985. Owner and manager Rick Gutierrez plays a hands-on role in daily operations.
Residential Concerns is a four-time winner of the GAF Training Excellence award and is a GAF Master-Elite Roofer. The company is also a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Home Builders Association of Midwest Georgia.
Areas Served
Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County
A selection of 79 homeowner reviews:
“Residential Concerns did an incredible job. I'd grade the overall experience as an A+. It was an excellent job. They were very good, and they explained everything. There were a few things I needed done special, and they did them perfectly. I was very pleased with what they did. I would recommend them.”
“I liked everything. They're very thorough, they're true to their word, and the follow-up was great. They were great. I'd definitely do business with them again. They're A+.”
“I liked their excellent work. They put a roof on for me years ago, and this was the second time. They had good workmanship and were very professional. They did roofing. I'd give them an A. I've already recommended them.”
“I loved the work that Residential Concerns did. They were quick, efficient, and thorough. I'd give them an A.”
“Residential Concerns did do a little roofing work for me. It was very minimal work, but I've not had any problems with the work that they did. I bought a house that had an existing roof leak, and it was a problematic. So, they actually went up, took care of the job, and I've not had any problems since. I'm perfectly satisfied with them. I thought they did excellent work as far as that goes. I'm pretty particular, and I would definitely recommend them.”
“It was a very good experience. They did the roof also besides the down spouts. They started when they were supposed to, ended on time, and came in at the price they estimated at. They're an A. I used to do renovations in hotels. I'm used to dealing with contractors, and they did an excellent job.”
“They did a great job. They came out when they said they would, and they did exactly what they told me they would. I had no complaints with them. I'd highly recommend them. I'd definitely use them again.”
“They just went ahead and did the work as scheduled and completed it. I had no complaints with them, and I'd highly recommend them.”
“The company is in the neighborhood where we live—just up the street. They're very easy to deal with. They met all of the expectations that I had as far as timeliness and everything. We've used them for several things. In the last year and a half, I had them put a roof on our house. They did the roofing on it and also did some chimney stone work on it. I was very satisfied with that, and then this summer, I had them to take down some paneling in the living room and put up sheet rock and paint and things like that. Then I had them to do some exterior painting on a rental house that I had this fall. So I've used them three times. They have good people doing their work that I've experienced anyway. They did A-quality work. I haven't had any problems. I'd highly recommend them.”
“They did good work. I had no complaints, and I'd highly recommend them.”