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"Enviro-Safe is a small, family-owned business that's ready to take care of your pest control needs. With over 30 years in the pest control industry, we know how to get the job done while using low-toxicity products. We're committed to giving our clients the best customer service possible. Our job's not done until you're happy."

Dan Walls | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Enviro-Safe Protection Pest Control Services provides residential and commercial pest control services, including elimination, prevention, inspection, protection plans, and eco-friendly solutions. The company offers services for pests such as termites, ants, rodents, spiders, roaches, fleas, and ticks.
Services Not Offered
Enviro-Safe does not treat for mosquitoes, bed bugs, or bees.
The company offers a money-back guarantee on treatments.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1993.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Additional Information
Enviro-Safe uses boric acid-based products inside homes to reduce toxicity to homeowners and pets.
Areas Served
South Broward County, North Broward County, South Palm Beach County
A selection of 146 homeowner reviews:
“I love Enviro-Safe. They're my favorite people; I love the owner, and I love the people he hires. They're good people, and I trust them. They always do a good job.”
“They've been great. I've used them for years. They've done inside and outside pest control. I like that they're environmentally friendly, and they're always very nice to work with. I'd give them the highest grade—A+.”
“I called them, and they came the next day. I'd give them an A+. They were amazing—best company I've worked with.”
“They do our pest control. They show up when they say they're going to, and they're extremely nice. They get an A+.”
“Enviro-Safe is excellent. They're an A+.”
“They do pest control. They're excellent. They deserve an A+.”
“When Enviro-Safe comes to the house, they're very hospitable. They're very polite. They're very courteous. If you have something you want to talk about, they're more than willing to talk about it with you, explain things to you, or go ahead and do anything above and beyond what I ask them to. They're extremely work friendly. They're our outdoor exterminator. They're enviro friendly, so they just work on the outside and don't bring the chemicals in the inside. They treat the lawn, because bugs go across the lawn to get to the foundation, so that's their concept, and it works. I've been using them for four years now and no bugs. I'd give them an A+. They wear uniforms, they're very neat, and everything's really good. I do recommend them.”
“They come every two months, and they come and do pest control for my home. I've been very happy with them for the many years that I've had them. They're an A+ company. They've been absolutely amazing with us.”
“They exterminate. I like the man, Jason, who comes out. He's really a great guy and is always really helpful. If there's anything we need, he's very attentive. It's a top grade—so an A+. They're wonderful. Again, this is not rocket science. This is people putting down things. They've done a great job. I would recommend them.”
“They do our pest control. Sid is always reliable. He does a good job. He's very thorough. He sprays the outside of the house and looks for anything that doesn't look right. I had some roaches. I had a problem in the kitchen, and he was able to get rid of them.. I'd give them an A. I am extremely likely to recommend them.”