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Cooper Pest Solutions has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 180 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We are a family-owned-and-operated company that values our ability to wow our clients, wow our teammates, and wow our community. At Cooper, we wrote the book—'What + How = Wow'—for providing great service."

Phil Cooper | CEO
Company Information
Services Offered
Cooper Pest Solutions offers prevention and elimination of pests, including ants, termites, bees, spiders, mice, cockroaches, ticks, bedbugs, and stink bugs in addition to providing a "Bite-Free Mosquito Service."
The company offers a money-back guarantee for all services.
Company History
Entomologist Theodore H. Cooper founded the regional company in 1955.
Cooper Pest was named 2014 Business of the Year by NJBIZ; Best of Bucks from 2015 to 2017; and a 2010 Top Small Company Workplace finalist by Inc. magazine. Cooper Pest is an NPMA QualityPro company. Company CEO Phil Cooper is the current secretary and former vice president of EarthShare NJ.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
Chalfont, Doylestown, Feasterville Trevose, Langhorne, Morrisville, Newtown, Perkasie, Southampton, Warminster

“They know exactly where to look for the problems you're having and correct them without a lot of fuss. They are very professional. The ant problem was resolved with one application and also the bee problem as well. I highly recommend this company.”

“They solved my mice problem and are always responsive to my calls.”

“Very professional, well-run company, from the customer service, and scheduling, to the field techs. Jeff, our regular technician is always thorough, and professional. Always informs us what needs or has been done, with clarity.”

“They are very thorough.”

“Good service and very nice technician, but could use a little more proactive scheduling by office. I usually have to contact them to schedule which is fine in between, but they should schedule at regular quarterly visits and notify of these so we know they've been there.”

“I was very satisfied with their service and I will continue to use them!”

“Cooper is more punctual than I am when they say they're coming. They got rid of the problem. They're easy to deal with, clean, and helpful. They go above and beyond what you would expect. I have already recommended them. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did pest management, including some mosquito control. I'd give them an A+. Their people are great, and I like the staff.”

“My experience has been very good. I'd give them the highest ranking. They do mostly outdoor and a little bit of indoor work.”

“They've done some mosquito control for me and general house pest control. I'd give them an A+.”

“They do all-around pest control. I'd give them an A. It was good all around.”

“They do indoor and outdoor pest control. They get an A+.”

“I'd give them an A. Sometimes there was a miscommunication with what time they were supposed to come, punctuality. They 've done some mosquito control for me. And the termites. I think it was simple. It just seemed like they know what they're doing. It's a local company. I'm impressed with the sales people. That's about it.”

“I'd give them an A+. They do prevention and pest control. It's mostly outdoor.”

“They do preventive maintenance, both indoors and outdoors. I'd give them an A+.”

“They do pest control and mosquito control. I'd give them an A+.”

“It was fine. They do all around pest control. I'd give them an A. It was good all around.”

“I'd give them an A. I have no problems at all. I would recommend them.”

“They're a fine company. I have no complaints with them.”

“They do mosquito treatment and carpenter ants. I'd give them an A.”

“I haven't really dealt with them too much, but so far it's been fine. They've done mosquito control and regular pest control. I don't have any complaints.”

“We have no complaints with the company.”

“They do pest control. I'd give them an A.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions was excellent.”

“I don't have any bugs anymore. They came for ants, and I have no complaints because I have no more ants. We use the company at work, and that's how we found out about them.”

“They came out to the house promptly, and they were up front about everything concerning cost and what they were offering for those costs. Everyone I have run into has been friendly. They came highly recommended. I'd rate them as an A.”

“I like the fact that when I first met with them, they were very knowledgeable. All the questions I had about things I didn't know or wasn't aware of, the gentleman was able to share with me, and he explained some of the things that would be best for my residence. He wasn't just trying to get money; he was trying to explain why I would need something else. The other gentleman I met came on time and didn't have too much confusion about all the things going on in my house. He was still able to do his job, so that was good. They did a lot of spraying on the outside and the inside. Then, the gentleman came to do the assessment, and he was able to take all his paperwork with him. He took his shoes off when he came in and everything. I'd give them an A.”

“I would say it was excellent with no complaints.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions does excellent work, and I have no complaints. He just does routine pest control for me.”

“The work they completed was excellent—no complaints.”

“We've been happy with Cooper Pest. They're an A-level company.”

“Just the attitude and everything made it positive. We had a problem with some bugs falling out of the vent in the bathroom, and they told us what they were. They were pretty quick; they came out within a day. I picked them because my daughter used them, and I'd recommend them. I would give them an A.”

“They are fine. They are doing a great job. There have been no problems, so they've earned an A. They treat for mice.”

“Cooper Pest did a good job and fixed the problem. I'd give them an A.”

“I think everything was fine, but my wife is the one that deals with them. They were quick, and they did a good job as far as I can tell. I'd grade them as an A.”

“I would give Cooper Pest Solutions an A rating. I have no complaints about the company.”

“They treated for carpenter ants, and they came back a second time.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions was good.”

“They were very punctual and personable, and they seemed very concerned about the problem I was having. They did an infestation treatment for insects. Years ago, I had a commercial contract with Cooper Pest, and I really liked their service. I decided to try their service for my residence, and I am not disappointed at all. They're an A.”

“Everything was fine. I just had one experience when they came without calling. There was no one home, and I needed treatment inside the house, not outside. The lady that called me was nice, so I'm not complaining about it. We had mice, but they're gone now. I have no complaints. They get an A.”

“They're very nice when they come. The first time, they came inside and sprayed around, and then in the summer, they spray outside. I would give them an A.”

“I guess I like that it gets taken care of without too much complication. I think they just do some quarterly pest prevention applications. I'd give them an A.”

“The gentleman was knowledgeable, and they arrived on time. They did general pest control. We worked with them before—that's why we chose them. I would give them an A.”

“We had a very bad carpenter ant situation, and Cooper Pest got rid of them. We started seeing results after the first time they came out, and they came out one more time for that particular issue. Those treatments were just on the outside. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”

“They did a good job. They showed up on time, and they were professional. We'd just moved into the house, and it was during ant season. We were just trying to make sure we didn't get any into the house. We haven't seen any since they left. I'd recommend them. They're great—they're an A.”

“They are on time and very efficient, and the online system is very easy to use. Their technicians are just great. They clearly know what they're doing, and they explain everything. Whoever owns that company is a biologist and really tries to create products that are still good for the environment, so they're green products and also healthy for people. Some of the chemicals they use can be toxic for other living things, so I appreciate that they try to take that route. Obviously, that's not the case for everything, like trying to take care of rodents. They seem like a company with a lot of integrity. Number one is the results. As soon as they came out, we no longer had a pest problem—and that was after one time. They had to come back another time for the crazy ants in our area, and then the ants were gone, so it was great. They sprayed outside for that. They came out once, and I believe they came back a month later just to check on it. The ants didn't go completely away because they were back when they came out. They treated again, and that was it. They're definitely an A.”

“I haven't seen any bugs or anything since their first treatment. There were some ants, but I think it's because we have to fix a door. I think it was an isolated problem, and he let some ants in. Other than that, I don't have any problems. They just sprayed for carpenter ants, spiders, and mice. It's a new house, and I was aware that they had that problem before me. They did the first treatment, and I haven't seen any animals since then. I'd give them an A.”

“I just enjoy the company's conversations. They're very friendly. They installed our termite bond to prevent termites, and we also do regular maintenance. We had a problem with ants, and we don't have a problem with ants anymore. As of today, we don't have any pest issues. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They seem to be thorough—knowledgeable, professional staff. We have a contract where they come out every quarter, but it depends on the season what they do exactly. I would give them an A.”

“They come here every quarter, and I've never had a problem with them at all. We're on a contract with them. They call and say, 'Our technician's going to be there between 8 and 12 on Tuesday,' and they come between 8 and 12 on Tuesday. They look at the bait, they look at the house, and they leave. It's pretty simple. They haven't captured a snake, a rodent, or anything. They just do what we ask them to do in our contract, and it's fine. They come four times a year. I would give them an A.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions was fine.”

“Two things made it positive. One, the ones who came out the first time were very professional and did a nice job explaining everything to me. They have come out since then to do the outside of the house. The other thing is we haven't any problem with pests since then, so it seems to be working. I'd recommend them to friends, and I'd give them an A.”

“They're very good at communicating, they do a nice job, and they don't make a mess. They just do home pest treatment. They're normally there for 20 to 30 minutes, tops. I'd recommend the company. They get an A grade.”

“Cooper Pest was fine. They did what they were supposed to do. They did fine.”

“They're easy. They come whenever, and I don't even have to be home. I'd recommend them. I think they spray outside for bugs. I'd give them an A.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions was good.”

“Their technicians are really nice. They normally come out to do a quarterly service. I'd recommend them, and I would grade them as an A.”

“They have really nice customer service. The guy seemed friendly and knowledgeable. They do the spraying for spiders, bugs, and stuff around the house. They come for that two times a year. I'd tell friends and neighbors that they are good—an A-worthy company.”

“I like that every person Cooper Pest has sent me has been very thorough, very knowledgeable, clean, professional, and on time. They have specialists in every particular area—they have a rodent specialist and a termite specialist. I recommended them to someone today. They are exceptional. I have them on a plan. Before I moved in, there were mice in the house, so I had them take care of that and an ant problem. I'd grade them as an A+. They are really good, and I don't say that easily.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions came in and did exactly what they said they were going to do. It was awesome, and I love them. They're better than the other company I was using. I'd recommend them, and I would give them an A+.”

“I had an excellent experience with Cooper Pest. They were amazing. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”

“We are extremely satisfied. We have more than one contract with Cooper Pest Solutions, so I think that proves we are pleased with them. I would grade them an A+. They do both termite and pest control with us.”

“The guy that comes to my house, Melvin, is great. I'd give them the highest grade.”

“The tech who came to my house was extremely friendly and very willing to look around and make sure everything was OK. They have sprayed the outside of the house. They looked on the outside to see where a mouse I had in the attic could have been getting in—things like that. We thought we saw sawdust in the basement and had carpenter ants, but we didn't. They come when you call them and don't try to sell you anything you don't need. I'd give them an A.”

“I had an excellent experience with Cooper Pest Solutions—no complaints.”

“I've been using Cooper for eight to ten years. They're always very professional and on time. Everything about their service has been good. They typically spray around the house, inside the house, and around the perimeter. I'd give them an A for excellent service.”

“The work I got from them was excellent with zero complaints.”

“Cooper's fine. I'd say it was excellent work with no complaints. There's no problem with Cooper.”

“Cooper Pest Solutions was knowledgeable and efficient. They started me on a pest control program and did an initial site survey and initial visit. I'd tell friends and neighbors it was a positive experience. I'd give them an A.”

“He was very helpful. He explained things to me when he came, because he was actually doing the inside of the house, and I had some concerns. So he explained things to me, and he was very nice. When we first got them, it was because we had bees, so they got rid of the bees. Then we had treatment for the indoors a month ago. They sprayed for spiders because he told me we had some spiders in the basement. I would recommend them to my neighbors. I would say they're an A.”

“I like the professionalism of the people that came. They were friendly and professional. They were referred from a neighbor. They were over because we had a mouse in our basement. I would grade them an A.”