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"General Environmental Services (Team GES) is a family business that prides itself on inspecting properties, identifying pests, and creating programs that will best solve our customers' pest problems. We resolve issues by using environmentally friendly products."

Peter Wonson, Sr. | CEO & Founder
Company Information
Services Offered
General Environmental Services (GES) provides a variety of pest control services for residential and commercial customers, including general home protection plans, inspection and sanitation audits, fumigation services, bed bug treatments, and bait and liquid termite control as well as specialized programs for mosquitoes, ticks, and crawling insects.
Company History
GES was established in 1979.
The company employs three Entomological Society of America (ESA) Associate Certified Entomologists. CEO Peter Wonson is a previous recipient of the New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA) Bartlett W. Eldredge Award, and President Mary Wonson is a previous recipient of the NEPMA Pest Professional of the Year Award. GES is a QualityPro and a GreenPro member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and NEPMA.
Areas Served
Greater Boston, North Shore, MetroWest South
A selection of 102 homeowner reviews:
“General Environmental Services did a wonderful job. They did pest control. They were on time and cleaned up after themselves. I would grade them an A, and I have already recommended them to others.”
“They were excellent. They did pest control for me. They showed up when they said they were going to, and they did their job. The gentleman that performed the service was very informative and helpful, and he resolved the issue. I would give them an A.”
“They were very efficient. They came out quickly after I called them. They've been very good about leaving information every time they have been here. I would grade them an A+.”
“General Environmental did mass extermination. I would grade them an A+, and I've already recommended them.”
“I love those guys. They have done work for me in the past. They sprayed for ants at my house. They have also looked for termites for some of my clients, and they have had a positive experience as well. I refer all my clients to them. I would grade them an A+.”
“They were doing work for a client for a home inspection for pest control. I liked the timeliness of their response as well as the professionalism of their written report. General knowledge base and a good ability to convey the information to the consumer as well as set it up with me to get to the house were pluses. I would grade them an A. I couldn't say enough good things about them, and it was a positive experience throughout. It is highly likely that I would recommend them.”
“It was pest control. I followed the worker around the house, and he was very thorough. I asked him how long the product would last. He was a nice guy, the job got done, and we haven't had any problems from anybody. I would grade them an A+. I would definitely recommend them to someone.”
“They did pest control. They were knowledgeable and effective. I would grade them an A+”
“They did pest control. They showed up when they said they were going to, and I would grade them an A+.”
“They did general pest control, and I felt very comfortable with them. They were very informative, and they did what they said they would do. We signed an ongoing contract with them. I would grade them an A+.”