Misting Systems

If you’re concerned that a spray treatment may not keep your yard’s mosquito problem under control, consider having a misting system installed. Instead of having a mosquito control technician come to your home periodically, an automatic misting system releases brief sprays at several key times each day.

The misting system itself is composed of a system controller and a network of nozzles. The nozzles are strategically and discreetly installed around your property for the most effective mosquito control. The system is then programmed by a technician and refilled as needed through the season. Since the material is released several times per day instead of monthly, most misting systems use plant-based, organic material. Many misting systems can be controlled with a remote control or smartphone application, so if the mosquitoes need more—or less—encouragement to stay away from your yard, you can always adjust the number of sprays accordingly.