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Locally owned and operated by David Touwsma, MosquitoNix Mosquito Control provides metro-Atlanta customers with mosquito control services, free yard evaluations, and flea and tick control services. Our MosquitoNix system causes a 99 percent reduction in mosquitoes, and our QuickNix program uses a multi-step process to reduce mosquitoes by 90 percent in the first week. We are a commercial member of the Georgia Mosquito Control Association.

About Metro-Atlanta Mosquito Control Companies

 Mosquitoes can make enjoying the outdoors a struggle for Atlanta homeowners. Using bug repellent sprays or candles can be a hassle, and they’re not always effective. For a long-lasting solution, many local homeowners are turning to mosquito control companies for mosquito-free summers.

When choosing a mosquito control service, homeowners should consider their needs. Mosquito control misting systems are automated and spray at certain times during the day. This is a discreet option that usually comes with a remote control. Mosquito barrier spray protection is a service whereby technicians visit on a biweekly or monthly basis to manually spray the area for mosquitoes. And then there are also special event spray services used by homeowners for occasions such as outdoor dinners or pool parties. These services usually occur one or two days before the event. 

Whether the mosquito problem is mild or severe, there is a mosquito control service for every homeowner. And homeowners concerned about kids or pets being exposed to pesticides should note that many firms offer organic mosquito control options.