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Serving both residential and commercial customers, Eagle Services offers a wide range of locksmith services, including emergency service. In addition to replacing and repairing keypads and automobile, residential, commercial, and digital locks, we also repair and replace garage doors and garage door openers. We offer a customer satisfaction warranty on all products and services. Eagle Services is a local company and requires employees to wear uniforms and pass background checks.


About Maryland Locksmith Companies

Safety and property protection are top priorities for almost every homeowner, and locksmiths are needed for a variety of reasons. Homeowners may lose their keys, lock themselves out of a house or car, need duplicate keys made, or need the locks changed. For these services, they’ll need a trusted locksmith, who can also often help pick a lock system that best fits the needs of the household.

Three of the most common lock systems are deadbolts, knob and lever-handled locks, and keyless entry pads. Dead bolts are the most popular type of residential lock, and they come in single-cylinder designs and double-cylinder designs. Single-cylinder dead bolts can be locked by a key on the outside, and double-cylinder bolts can be locked on both sides of the door. Knob and lever-handled locks are actually located within the handle. These locks don’t offer the same protection as dead bolts, as the door can be opened if the handle is damaged. Then there are keyless entry pads, which use a security code or sensor that reads a card or other entry device. These computerized locking systems are growing in popularity because they save records of entry and can be monitored off-site.    

If homeowners are looking for more security, their local locksmith may be able to help. Many locksmiths also offer electronic alarm, surveillance camera, and closed circuit television installation and maintenance. Interested homeowners should ask their locksmith for more information on these services.