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Junk King is a junk removal company dedicated to improving the environment. All items and debris we remove from a home are donated, repurposed, or recycled. Co-owned by DC-native military veterans, we provide free, on-site estimates and can haul everything from or around a home except for hazardous materials. Our employees both retrieve and load the truck with all the items and debris in need of removal.

About Virginia Junk Removal Companies

All that excess stuff in your home—not simply can it get in your way; it can get in the way of your happiness as well. Too much junk or even just some large, unused items can make a room, garage, or whole area of the house cramped or unlivable, keeping you from being able to fully use, enjoy, and feel comfortable in your own home. If the junk is outside the house, there are additional stressors to deal with, including an increased presence of vermin and possible safety risks for children and other household members. So whether it’s a house full of “Where did this come from?” or a backyard-turned-burial-ground of unfinished projects, a good first move to liberating your home and yourself is to call a Best Pick™ Virginia junk removal company.

Ever stopped cleaning out a room because you hate to throw away things that are still perfectly usable—even though you’ll never use them? Or been confused as to what kinds of debris you can and cannot take to the dump? Don’t defeat your efforts and repeat the problem by overthinking it; just call in the pros. Remember, when you hire a Virginia Best Pick™ junk remover, you’re hiring a team of experts who’ll not only help you get rid of your garbage but also do all the sorting, recycling, donating, and disposing for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want out of your home, and it’s off your mind for good.

EBSCO Research spent thousands of hours talking to homeowners who’ve used the services of Northern Virginia junk removal companies, all in order to find the best ones. Scroll down to see the best junk removers in Northern Virginia.