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Specializing in full-service junk removal, Junk King helps Houston-area homeowners and businesses remove unwanted clutter and debris. We provide free estimates based on the volume of debris, perform all loading during the job, and sweep before leaving. We recycle, donate, or repurpose at least 60 percent of the items we remove because we believe a greener planet is a better planet.

About Houston Junk Removal Companies

If you’ve got a house full of stuff that you just want out of your life, then it’s time to find the phone and call up a junk removal company. But which company can you trust? Houston’s a big place with lots of companies that claim they can haul your stuff away. Have no fear—EBSCO Research has found the best of the junk removal companies in the Houston area.

Good junk removal companies don’t just take unwanted stuff and throw it away. They’re trained professionals who will properly sort and recycle materials in addition to cleaning out your home. By hiring a Best Pick™ Houston-area junk removal company, you’re hiring a dedicated team of pros, ones who’ll help make the process of reclaiming your house as effortless on your part as possible.

Another reason to call a Best Pick™ Houston junk removal company is that they can remove heavy or otherwise difficult items from your house and yard. Got a mini-junkyard brewing out behind the house? Call a Best Pick™ junk removal company, and they’ll take care of it all, including the heavy stuff.

So whether you’re clearing out years of collected items or even undergoing a home renovation, hiring a Houston Best Pick™  junk remover is the fastest, easiest, "greenest," and safest way to make that unwanted clutter and debris disappear.