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First Priority Audio has been serving residential and commercial customers since 2001. We are a family-owned-and-operated company that offers a wide range of technology and networking services, including wireless network configuration, smart home system installation, and home theater and media room setup. We honor a variety of manufacturer and labor warranties, and we are a certified member of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

About South Florida Home Theater System Companies

Home theater systems can provide homeowners with a fantastic viewing experience, especially as digital entertainment options grow. When considering home theater installation, you may find that the options available are numerous—and a little overwhelming.

Choosing the right setup and equipment for your budget and viewing needs can be challenging. Best Pick Reports serves as a trustworthy resource by listing reputable South Florida home theater installation contractors that have been vetted for quality.

Home Theater Systems in South Florida

Why Get a Home Theater System?

Screens and sound systems are always improving in quality, and home theaters can be a worthwhile home improvement project with gratifying results. If sports are your passion, a clear picture and high-quality sound can bring the on-field experience right into your living room.

Top-notch displays and sound systems can create an immersive experience for video game play and movie watching, too. But since selecting and installing the components for a home theater system can be tricky, hiring a pro is a crucial to ensuring that your home theater equipment works together seamlessly.

Types of Home Theater Equipment

There are four main categories of home theater equipment:

  • Display
  • Audio equipment
  • Source components
  • Home theater electronics

TV screens are available in a variety of types and sizes. You can choose between LCD, OLED, plasma, and LED flat-screen panels, and these each suit different viewing needs. You might also consider a projector.

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes and can even be installed in walls or ceilings for a sleek, unobtrusive appearance. Source components include Blu-ray players, DVD players, gaming consoles, and streaming media players (such as Apple TV or Roku).

Finally, home theater electronics, such as an A/V receiver, make up the “brains” of the home theater system. They connect audio and video signals from source components to the display and speakers.

Home Theater System Design, Installation, and Setup

Designing your home theater system can be daunting. There are many factors to consider. Which room will the system go in? What type of screen suits your needs? What type of sound equipment do you want? What source components will you be using? What about lighting and acoustics?

Once equipment and components are figured out, installation is another monumental task. A pro can take the headache out of connecting all the parts of your home theater system.

Why Hire a Professional?

Want your home theater system to work correctly the first time you press the power button? Work with a pro. Describe your dream home theater to a home theater contactor, and he or she will implement those ideas in a way that works perfectly with your space.

Hiring a professional also takes the guesswork out of selecting the best components for your needs and budget—not to mention connecting the convoluted wires that make everything work.

The Best Pick for Home Theater Systems in South Florida

Having researched quality home theater installation contractors, Best Pick Reports has compiled a list of the best professionals in the area, based on our interviews with South Florida homeowners.

Each interview gives us a picture of the most competent, timely, experienced, and creative home theater contractors in South Florida, and we are proud to present that information in a format that is easy to consult. Our objective research, conducted annually, is our guarantee that we are confident that the contractors we present to you truly represent the best of the best in your area.