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"We strive to deliver a legendary, hassle-free customer experience by providing you with a superior product that gives you peace of mind, protects your home, and keeps you off of ladders. We educate homeowners on different gutter protection options and why LeafGuard provides superior results."

Cliff Miller | General Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
LeafGuard Chicago furnishes and installs the custom, patented LeafGuard Gutter System, manufactured on-site to match a home's specifications. LeafGuard's sales consultants perform a gutter analysis of a customer's home and digitally show existing problems or future concerns along with system options.
The company offers three written transferable lifetime warranties on its LeafGuard Gutter System.
Company History
LeafGuard Chicago was established in 1997.
Employee Information
LeafGuard runs background checks on its employees and does not employ subcontractors.
Additional Information
The LeafGuard Gutter System is a seamless design that allows water into the gutter while keeping organic debris out. The system does not install under roof shingles. The product has also earned Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 589 homeowner reviews:
“I had a totally positive experience with LeafGuard Chicago. The guys that did the work were probably the best workers I've ever had here. They took down the old gutters all around my house and put in new ones. The lead really knew what to do. It was great. I would give them an A+. I was really happy with it.”
“They replaced our gutters. They were extremely professional and did a wonderful job. The overall experience was A+.”
“We love the performance of our LeafGuard system. Very little excess water goes over the gutter now, and the oversized spouts really accommodate heavy downpours. They did a really good job. They were very accommodating. Overall, I'd give them an A.”
“The gutter work that LeafGuard Chicago did for me looks wonderful. They did a thorough job and were pleasant to deal with, and there was a follow-up afterward. It was excellent.”
“They put on new LeafGuard gutters. They put the heat cables into the gutters also, to melt off any ice that gets on them. They just seemed very professional. They came out, and they showed me their product. It looked like a right high-quality product. They were extremely quick. They came out in one day, and they left no mess and did a really good job. I would grade my overall experience with them as an A.”
“They did a wonderful job. Everything works, and they cleaned up after themselves. They did a gutter installation for me. We like the LeafGuard gutters because I won't have to clean them again, that's for sure. They have these gutters that the leaves run off of but the water runs into the gutters. They also guarantee that the gutters won't clog for a lifetime. That's what we like about that. I would rate my overall experience as an A+.”
“They replaced all of our gutters and downspouts around the house. The gutters do a really good job of not getting clogged, and that's why we bought it. Their service was excellent. They came and did all of their work quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up really well, and they left. They were just really easy to work with. I'd give them an A+.”
“There was no problem. We got LeafGuard gutters. We are hoping they will do what they say and prevent my husband from having to go up and clean the gutters. I had no problem with anything, so I'd rate everything excellent—A. Everything was fine. They did a great job.”
“They replaced gutters for me on a portion of my home. I like that I don't have to get on my ladder anymore. I would grade my overall experience as excellent. If 100 is an A, you can't get any better than that.”
“They replaced all my gutters and downspouts. The product was good, and the installation team was very good. I would rate my overall experience as an A+.”