Gutter Protection | Best Pick Reports

There are many systems designed to minimize the amount of debris and plant matter that enters your gutters.  However, no system is perfect.  Even with a gutter protection system, gutters may still need to be cleaned. 

Gutter caps.  Cap systems are installed over existing gutters and direct water around and under the cap, while larger debris falls to the ground. 

Gutter screens.  Gutter screens are wire mesh or plastic screens that cover the gutters and decrease the amount of debris that can enter the gutter, while allowing water to flow freely through openings in the screen.  They are usually the cheapest and easiest to install of all the gutter protection systems, and they can be removed for maintenance.  Many styles clip to the gutters themselves but may blow off during heavy wind.  Some models may sag under snow, ice, or heat from the sun. Gutter screens do not eliminate the need for cleanings but may reduce the time between cleanings.