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"At My Window Washing, we work hard to bring you the highest level of satisfaction at a reasonable price. Our main goal is to provide customers with superior work and the best customer service. That's why our work is 100 percent guaranteed and all our technicians are clean, polite, and trained to get the job done right."

Dan Indriliunas | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
My Window Washing cleans, inspects, and repairs gutters and downspouts as well as installs gutter guards for residential and commercial customers. Additionally, My Window Washing provides interior and exterior window cleaning, exterior power washing, and cleaning of hard-to-reach home fixtures, such as fans, skylights, and mirrors.
Services Not Offered
My Window Washing does not hang Christmas lights.
Minimum Job
The company has a $70 job minimum.
Company History
My Window Washing was founded in 2003 and remains locally owned.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and must pass background checks before hire.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 280 homeowner reviews:
“They did a fantastic job. I like that I can call them up, and they just do it. I know it's going to get done, and they do a great job. I can look out my windows and see into my gutters; they're all clean and nice. I will continue to use them because they do a great job. They get an A+ from me.”
“Everything was fantastic. My Window Washing did a great job. The guy they sent definitely knew what he needed to do, and he did it efficiently. He did a really good job. I'd give them an A.”
“I like that they did a good job. They were here and done quickly. The customer service is good, and the quality of work, punctuality, cleanliness, and expertise are excellent. They were an A.”
“They were great. They were quick and efficient, and they did a really good job. I'd rate them as an A+.”
“It's hard to find somebody that's going to do gutter cleaning in our area anymore. They responded quickly and did a great job. They're an A+ overall.”
“The person that was doing the job made it a positive experience for me. They were very professional, and it was done in a timely fashion. They listened to what my needs were and took care of me. It was gutter cleaning. They get an A+.”
“Everything was fine. They get an A.”
“They did what they were supposed to do. They get an A rating.”
“I wasn't here when they did it; my husband was. The fact that they did it is what I liked. They get an A. They did a good job.”
“I haven't used them this year. I used them last year. They were good. They've done our windows and they've done the gutter cleaning. I'd give them an A.”