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Insight Property Services provides a host of home performance testing services as well as general home inspections. Our company president and CEO, Joe Konopacki, is certified by the Building Performance Institute and the Residential Energy Services Network. Joe also teaches classes in the industry in addition to presenting at formal conferences.

About Chicago Energy Audits Companies

Chicago residents know that the city is notorious for its blazing summers and freezing winters. They also know that keeping a house cool in the heat and warm in the cold can be expensive with such extreme temperatures. In the face of year-round high utility bills, many people are turning to energy auditors to help make their homes more efficient and less expensive to heat and cool. A Chicago-area energy auditor can offer “whole-home solutions” that take into account the entirety of the home, checking everything from the thickness of the insulation to the cleanliness of the air ducts. Energy auditors also can educate homeowners on new energy-efficient technologies, such as Energy Star-certified HVAC equipment, energy-efficient windows, and new geothermal heating and cooling options. And don’t forget that there’s an ecological bonus in making a home more efficient, too.

EBSCO Research spent countless hours talking to Chicago-area homeowners, gathering hundreds of reviews, opinions, and experiences, all to find the energy audit firms that were worthy of being called Best Picks™. In using a Best Pick™ Chicago energy audit company, homeowners can begin the process of making their home more efficient, less expensive to maintain, and more environmentally friendly.